iPhone X max giveaway comment iPhone to win the next giveaway, we are escaping Abby’s room

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Today we are escaping Abby’s room sorry everyone that Zoey couldn’t be here she was tired and we are having another iPhone X max giveaway comment iPhone to get one and congratulations to piper Johnson for liking, subscribing, commenting on our videos.

Comment what you guys think we should do for another video!!!! We love you all and hope y’all tune in for more fun!!!

Sorry for the messy room😂


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  1. iPhone, God bless for doing giveaway❤️ , I can’t thank you guys enough for giving the opportunity to people to win a new phone. I wish everyone good luck! I hope I win this because I am currently running a really bad Samsung which can’t send calls which I struggle with because I really want to talk to my grandmother who is very sick.

  2. iPhone, I love iPhones because they are awesome. Hope i win because my family wishes they had these things but they are too expensive. Hope your summers are good and you have an awesome rest of your day!