iPhone X – Six Months Later

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iPhone X has been out for 6 months. I share how it has held up over that time.

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  1. I think $1000 for a phone is out there i think if the X 64gb started at 900 and the 256 at 950 or 1000 would have gotten more people to buy it

  2. I love iPhone X, but just by looking them held by Youtubers… because I could only afford the iPhone 8 plus at the time I bought it. Hope the next gen iPhone will be better. Love your video Aaron! ??

  3. I have a silver iPhone X to replace my iPhone 6. I bought the new iPhone last month. Honestly i really love the iPhone X. I really love the new design and i don’t mind the notch. Eveything about the new iPhone are amazing. Anyway Apple will perfected the design without the notch in the near future.

  4. It’s not perfect, but for me the Face ID works far better than the fingerprint ID on my previous iPhones .While the double click to download something can be annoying, the swipe system on the X as a whole is a major improvement over my 7 Plus… which was also a terrific phone in its own right. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this phone and would recommend it without hesitation if someone can afford it.

  5. Great video, thanks, I do love mine. Two changes that I would like to see are an option to open on the home screen after unlocking, instead of the lock screen, and access to the control center being a swipe up from the bottom right, as opposed to a swipe down from the top right.

    Waiting on the Xs Plus model, but I have no hesitation about exchanging that for the regular Xs model if the Plus proves too unwieldy.

  6. I really like the X but i am pretty satisfied with my iphone 7 plus matte black

    Maybe this year or next i will upgrade as X model will get refinement as time pass….

  7. Made the switch from my old Nexus 6P to an iPhone X on launch day and I’ve never looked back. I really like iOS (except for some minor quirks) and I got used to the gestures quickly. Agreed, no phone is worth a thousand dollars, but for me it was totally worth it.

  8. Was undecided between 8 plus and x. Got the 8 plus and then kept passing the x in store and the screen quality and display just got me so I swapped for it. The X is definitely better. The 8 plus just felt so dated in comparison. Great vid

  9. ive been using iphone x since last 3 months and ive enjoyed a lot using its super fast and super easy to use but since last 2 weeks it is getting freez for a min or half i am using the latest ios but still that freezing issue has occured twice i think its because of ios 11

  10. Great device. Too expensive. Here in Brazil we have the most expensive iPhone of the world. It is BRL7000 which means about USD1989.

  11. Good review, but you’re dreaming saying $600-800. In the UK we pay almost double that when going for the 256gb option and Apple care.

  12. You know everyone talking about these phones costing $1,000 dollars is too much obviously have no clue what phones used to cost.

    Back in the day I bought my first motorola brick phone, it was large, no internet, no browser, email, texting. All it did is make calls and very expensive per minute and the phone cost me $1,050.

    Now we have a super computer in your pocket and $1,000 is too much, come on.

    That you can’t afford it that’s something else. Back in the day it took me 4 months to save to buy that brick I mentioned.

    Sure I don’t want to pay $1,000 but I see the value in it since I do have a point of comparison with prior phones. I wish these you tubers pointed this out since all they do is point out how expensive the phones are.

    As these phones get more powerful and do way more I don’t think they will drop in price unless they make a piece of junk by cutting corners

  13. Could you do a size comparison between the iPhone X and the 6 or 6s? It says the screen is 5.7 inches on the X, but 4.7 on the 6, however, there are large bezels on the top and bottom. Generally, holding each phone, are they the same size?

  14. I actually agree with a lot you say. No phone is worth 1k. I love the gestures. They are so easy for me. I love the 10. I pay it through at&t and end up paying 12 payments which could be half the phone price then they let me give it back for a new phone. I will pay 500 which is worth it. I would never pay 1000 for it. I would have gotten the 8 plus if I had to pay the whole thing or stuck with my 7. Thank you for the videos you do a great job.

  15. I really thought I would have a hard time getting use to the X coming from the iPhone 8 Plus but I really like the gestures. It took me a bit to get used to the different aspect ratio and skinnier but taller screen but carrying it in my pocket is SOOOO much better