iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8 Comparison Smackdown

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In this comparison, Lisa Gade pits the iPhone X against the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, two flagship phones for late 2017. Thanks to our sponsor Caudabe, maker of ultra slim and minimalist cases:

iPhone X review:
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review:


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  1. Correction:
    -Note 8 Irish scanner works really great!
    -Pre-order Note 8 comes with 256g micro sd card.
    -On Android, you can download free hd movies like crazy as well turning monthly spotify for free if you know how to do it.
    -Note 8 has S pen to draw and customize photos, etc
    -Note 8 gives you the option to use either wireless headphone or with wire.
    -Phone X is fast and it's not like Note 8 is slow either. Both devices are fast enough!
    -256g Iphone X is roughly about $1,150 + tax + fast wireless charger? Better yet, if you happen to lose your wireless headset that would be another $100+?
    -Note 8 can be customized
    -Note 8 can be used for VR experience
    -Note 8 has DEX

    Both great phones! It comes down to your own personal preference. I listed some of the reason why i think:
    NOTE 8 > Iphone X

  2. Apple was smart to dress the OLED up because, for all the talk of Samsung's screens, my Galaxy S8+ just color calibration (I guess that's right right term) is just horrible. I've the updates, including the new color option. Everything is pink or saturated. It's without question, the worst screen. Absolutely inexcusable for a flagship phone.

  3. I believe you forgot to talk about the Gear VR and the Oculus experience. The new Gear VR do not need to use the phone battery so you can spend hours playing without it getting hot or whatsoever. I have read somewhere that SGN8 is now compatible with the Google Daydream too. Another cool thing with the Note 8 is the DeX Station that allow the use as a computer for using with Hancom Office (which is free for Samsung users) or Microsoft Office. I received the DeX as complimentary when I bought the phone but you can buy it separately. I really like these features. Finally I am really sorry for you having problems with either the fingerprint and the iris recognition because both work great with me. The iris recognition is so fast. I tested it with glasses and even in the dark and it worked perfectly. Always. I did not need to open my eyes like you did. I think you may be doing something wrong or you may need some firmware update. The fingerprint is perfect for me because I use to watch Netflix while in the bus and it would feel weird to lift my mobile in a crowded bus. I just turn my mobile without lifting it and put my finger (I have never missed the place, go figure). It opens automatically. I love it because it is quite discreet. The heart/blood/stress sensor is much nearer the lens and I do not listen anybody complaining about that. Strange. Last but not least I am really happy with the AKG phones that came with my device. They are simply great. Although I use a lot my phone with Icon X and my old Gear S, I feel it handy to use also a good normal earphone chiefly when my USB C is in use (e.g while using the Gear VR). BTW the wireless charging was great and fast even with my old Note 4 wireless charger. I believe all those characteristics might be important for someone that should decide to buy a new smartphone so it was important to point them out. I usually love your reviews but this one seemed a bit odd. It seemed superficial, incomplete and somehow biased. At the end I think I may have misunderstood the purpose that guided your review. I hope my opinion may help you keeping the known qualities of your reviews.

  4. I don't think you covered two unique features of the Note 8 that Apple cannot compete with. The S-Pen and Gear VR compatibility. These reasons alone are why I always stick with the Note.

  5. You left out pretty much all the s-pen features, and didn't go into detail on the note 8 edge panels. Also, how does Siri stand up to Bixby and Google Assistant?

  6. N8 user… no disappoint from fingerprint or iris … auto security works good at every condition set… screen quality is perfect and double of the X by the way…. camera shots is excellent…battery life is ok for a day…the usual of what we get now..better than 2 times daily charge of the apple…i don't know but i got a feeling of a little or more baised to the apple..when i know good the note abilities at the review points……it were under estimated……ah even the gear 3 wasn't good front the apple watch….mmmmm……really…!!!

    anyway; hope each and every one really enjoy his choice … both are excellent smart phones

  7. Good comparison but you never mentioned that Samsung has always on display, a stylus, available dual SIM, available LED case. Your absolutely correct that Apple's biometrics is much faster and more reliable than the Note 8. You didn't give your opinion on which had better value for the money. I think that the Note 8 is more future proof than the X, and what about the notch OMG the notch lol!

  8. Mine works pretty well with my glasses just not contacts, but they cover my Iris so understandable. Mine didn't work the best at first until I did it in natural light in doors during the day and it read it pretty fast so I feel like maybe it caught clearer details.

  9. I love the segment on note unlocking, really amusing and warmed me to Lisa even more. I stuck with the S7e for this year which pained me to stay with an old design but I think the smart choice

  10. is it just me or is she really bias towards apple? Im not saying the Samsung phone is better but she goes out of the way and says the iphone x has a better display even tho it can only be viewed at 1080p

  11. after years of debate apples finally admitted iphone performance getting slowdowm.. why suddenly..? considering cost and extra repair charge, well, something fishy goin to happen..

  12. The Galaxy Note 8 has a pressure sensitive screen + pressure sensitive pen and them Apple fans still don't think the price is justifiable even though the iPhone X isn't as useful.

  13. I hate when iSheep and reviewers say that android phones slow down over time but completely ignore the fact that doing a iOS update on a iphone turns the phone into a brick. Over time iPhone is much slower due to the iOS update problem.

  14. I’m using the iPhone X currently and that doesn’t mean i like iOS only I had bunch of android phones and notes in the past and I like both systems, I just stuck with IPhones because I only text , YouTube, Take pics and browse online that’s it so I prefer simplicity I just don’t care about anything else , back when I got my Note 2 I thought it was cool as shit with that pencil but I ended up never using it and all the extras Samsung include it in their phones like software futures I don’t bash any manufacture but it seems people take this too far , if it works for you it works and if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

  15. I use the Iris scanner with my glasses on with little bit of glasses and it works well and quick and the finger print scanner is just fine where it's at. Listening to you sounds like you favor the iPhone. Well sorry for you the note 8 is a phone that's got a lot of things to play with and the iPhone is boring without a pen it has nothing it's just a phone!

  16. It seems like everyone is making such a big deal about the finger print scanner on the Note 8 but ive only the phone one day and its a non issue… I do prefer the front placement on my note 5 but those days are gone. The size is fine but my last 2 phones have been notes so im used to it. Also, Samsung's trade in deal is pretty sweet and to my knowledge no other phone company is giving that much so the Note 8 is the better value. It was actually cheaper than my Note 5 ?.