iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 – Full Comparison (updated)

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In this video, we will do a full comparison between the iPhone X vs the Samsung Galaxy S8.

We will look at the following metrics for both the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8 to make this decision:

Design and Build
Processor and Performance
Speaker Quality
Display Quality
Biometrics including Face ID and IRIS Scanner
And More…

So let’s dive in and find out whether the iPhone X or the Galaxy S8 is the right choice for you.

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  1. Nah i had samsung s8 since the first day it came out in Sweden. My phone started to lag and the battery is awful after just 6 months of usage. I just switched to iphone X with no regrets!

  2. The screen is better on the s8 and can be tune to more warm to look bright and set to high performance. And you can see the 18;9 better no disruption

  3. When comparing the iPhone X speakers and the Galaxy S8 speakers, the galaxy offers the headphone jack as an alternative to listening to the speakers them selves with out the inconvenience of having to by an adapter to to lisen to the phone on most headphones. So yes if you are lisining to the iphone x speakers with out earbuds they will sound better, although you can with most apple maid earbuds or earphones. So you either choose the convince of pluging most headphones in and them working right away or having to by$ an adapter to lisen but with better speakers by themselves.

  4. People talk about the power of the iPhone x and it is awesome. But no one is taking advantage of that power really so I see it as a waste at this point and time