iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2: Should you switch? (iOS vs Android + Pixel 2 XL Unboxing)

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I’ve used an iPhone since my first smartphone. Is it time to give Android a chance? Or is the iPhone X what I need?

HUGE thanks to my new friend Dustin from Twitter for lending me these Pixels:

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were just released this past Thursday. The iPhone X is coming out in less than 2 weeks. So many awesome phones to choose from but these are the only ones I’m considering. I love iOS and iPhone. But I also love all the Google products I use. If you think about it, you probably use a lot of google services in your daily life, too. Are iMessage and FaceTime too important to you to try Android. SO MANY THINGS TO CONSIDER. And yes this is a big deal lol it’s my most used device by far for work and for talking with my friends/family. I have no idea what i’ll actually end up getting as of now.

To my usual subscribers who are used to vlogs and other videos, thanks for letting me nerd out a bit in this video 😉

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  1. do you iPhone or Android? would you ever switch? why?
    also for those wondering, no, this isn’t my new style of video that i’ve been mentioning lately. still coming soon 😉

  2. IOS is so bare bones and bland thats why I switched from my iphone 8 to pixel xl 2. The Iphone X looks cool design wise. But When i comes to software and operating system. Android has way more to offer than IOS

  3. The reality is that Apple is not innovating anymore and they can't keep it up. I am going with the Pixel this year as i feel a need to support innovation and don't want to be taken advantage of by Apple

  4. the part about your friend sums up the market right now, 90% of iphone buyers just buy iPhones cause their ignorant, 90% of the tech YouTubers I follow carry android phones because they get to try different phones and take which is best, on the other hand most teenagers and specially girls are ignorant about tech and just buy iphones so they can iMessage

  5. Stephen, the sound from your video was unpleasant. Here are a couple of solutions.

    1) Don't speak next to a wall or over reflective surface. You were barely in front of a back wall, sounds lousy, very distracting. Always follow this advice. You'll notice Linus and Marques are careful about this.

    2) Use a lavalier mic or headset to mic yourself: they greatly lessen problems whenever you have little control over your environment. Shotgun mics work well with practice, but will not help the above boundary problems at all.

    Preferably do both. Compare your sound to that of the best-sounding simple, one-person videos out there. Notice your outdoor scenes (in calm conditions) sound way better.

    Nice review, relevant, and your mic quality itself wasn't an issue, just acoustics. P.S. Whenever you are showing something other than your face, use a headset or lav mic. Good luck.

  6. 189 dislikes? Why? It's a great video. On topic, I switched to Pixel 2 from iPhone. Has been iPhone user since iPhone 3G. Not turning back. Loving Pixel 2

  7. My very first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Note International. I had it for a month before I switched to the iPhone 5C since I saw all my friends getting iPhones and I wanted to be part of the craze. I had iPhone for five years and I loved it.

    But when the iPhone 8 and iPhone X was announced it truly dawned upon me that if I once again upgraded to the next iPhone I would really be getting almost exactly what I already have. That didn't sit well with me because after five years I've really gotten tired of the same thing. I just wanted something different for a change. After eating the same thing every day eventually you're going to get tired of it.

    And so, two weeks ago I switched back to Android. After much research I decided on the Google Pixel 2 XL since I was very happy with the specs. I'm typing this comment on it and so far I find I'm very much enjoying my new phone. Maybe one day I'll get an iPhone again but for now I'm happy with my choice.

  8. Great video.. Pixel is the true "next big thing". Google isn't going to change the game as Apple did about ten years ago. Unlimited storage and beat camera all around. Plus a Vanilla Android experience. It's crazy what Google has done.. I gave Apple the win since iOS has always been pretty polished, even though it's had many bugs. It's been a well built OS. But now that Google has its own phone. It's a game changer to anyone has actually used one..

  9. Android all the way. <3 that back button forever (I'm not going to search in each app for a way to get back to where I was), and apps don't belong on the homescreen when you have an awesome searchable app drawer, plenty of useful widgets, and a beautiful live wallpaper to stare at. Also custom UI's for power users.

    Also the amazing google assistant and NVIDIA shield TV.

  10. Give android a chance. I do say, it is good to try out android with the google pixel, but the samsubg galaxy s8 plus and the note 8 are no slouches and are FANTASTIC phones as well.

  11. Most consumers are truly stuck in the past at a time when iOS truly was just a better platform than Android. Better software integration with it's hardware contributing to just a better overall experience. That time is over since the release of the Google Pixel. According to some "use to be" die hard Apple fans like Chris Pirillo, you're getting actually a better experience on Google's Pixel rather than Apple's iPhone. The trick is just breaking those old time consumers of that mindset that iOS is better than Android when it's not anymore.