iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL

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We compared Apple’s new flagship iPhone X to Google’s flagship Pixel 2 XL. Which one is better? Watch to find out.


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  2. You said this is a non bias between the two phones but every time there's something disliking about the iPhone you always back it up with something else to make it not such a bad problem when it comes to the pixel 2 you just point out the flaws and leave it as is

  3. Pretty sure there is some bias in this video… Apple for starters is notorious for having terrible battery life… Glass back is just another gimmick and another thing to break easily.. it's bad enough we have to worry about the screen. Pixel 2 has a better camera, just visit dxo mark for more information on that. Did I mention that Apple apparently throttle performance because of how terrible the battery is?? How about instead of something silly like wireless charging giving us a phone with a decent battery and a phone where you don't reduce the performance to compensate for said battery

  4. Nice job; definitely thumbs up from me.

    Apple has slowed down my iPhone 6 unbearably, especially when I want to quickly take a quick, candid photo or video, or want to send an urgent text… but I really have no interest in a phone encased in glass, so I'm considering Pixel 2 XL. I'm not thrilled about tossing my Apple Watch, nor am I happy about owning a phone that doesn't integrate with my iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and iMac, but Apple clearly cares more about vendor lock-in than it does about what customers like me want. 🙁 As my device upgrade cycle continues, I'll be carefully evaluating Microsoft's Surface devices as replacements as well. Curse your arrogance, Apple. 🙁

  5. 1:34 "Apple arrived late to the party this year". Do you think? The first wireless charging phone was made by Nokia back in 2012. Apple is only "inventing" this technology 6 years later.