iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2!

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How does the Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL stack up?
Is the Google Pixel 2 worth it?


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  1. I got the iPhone X a couple of days ago and returned it yesterday. God I really REALLY hope that this isn’t the future of the iPhone. The keyboard is as small as the regular iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 and too many gestures are present. Swiping up to go home is fine and all but to swipe half way up, hold it and then press and hold the apps to get rid of them is a definite deal breaker. On my iPhone 8 Plus I can just double tap the home button and swipe up to delete the apps. BOOM. Personally, this phone is a joke and way too much money. I’m sticking with my iPhone 8 Plus and see what happens next year. If the next iPhone is like this, I’m going back to Android.

  2. I like the pure android experience on the pixel 2 but I like the wireless charging on the iPhone 8. the bad sound on the pixel two microphone is practically a deal breaker for me. that being said I like the camera on the pixel 2 better than the iPhone 8. I don't like the poor off angles of viewing on the pixel 2 XL.

  3. Great video. My only concern with Google flagship phones or rather Android phones is the huge bloatware in their devices. They are so full of their self promoting and annoying apps which sometimes go beyond 3-4 screens. How does Pixel 2 fare on that account?

    Secondly, I also have a concern on the privacy settings on Android phones. In Apple I can customise the permission of an app to access my location, contacts, camera, microphine etc. In the Pixel 2 do I have that option?

    Your inputs will be critical for me to take a decision…

  4. Well, verizon has a promo for $300 bill credit and target has a promo for a $250 gift card if i buy the pixel 2. That brings the pixel 2 to $350 + $70 (taxes and activation fee) but you get a $250 gift card. I'm going with the pixel 2.