iPhone X vs iPhone 8? Ask MKBHD V20!

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iPhone comparisons? FaceID vs TouchID? FAQs of September 2017!

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Intro Track: TouchDown (Instrumental) by Alltta



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  1. Wireless charging is done using electro magnetism. I imagine that wirelessly charging a car would require so much power that it would pull half your kichen into your garage, through the walls.

  2. Dear iphone x users, welcome to phone characteristics of 2015:-) In 2019 you guys will love split screen apps, downloads directly from a browser, selectable default apps, unlocked nfc, multi user support and ip68 water proofing!

    Do you know the time when i-diots told you that phone screens greater than 3.5 inch are nonsense and unmanageable? Look how the catched up Android screen sizes! To you know the time when the phone of each and every i-diot look exactly the same? Look how they got widgets, live wallpapers etc. like Android! Do you know the time, when the i-diots told you, that IPS displays are much better the AMOLED displays, because the IPS displays have such nice pale colors? Look how they got now AMOLED displays even from Samsung! The list could be endless, showing the ignorance and arrogance of apple and its brainwashed followers. They are like sect members living in their own reality and for sure need a status symbol, that they know they are.

  3. Me: 1080p screen is for budget smartphone nowadays.
    Apple: We have iphone 8 (720p screen) for only $699.00
    Me: but other brands budget smartphone cost only $450 and they have 1080p screen.
    Apple: If you want 1080p screen, we have iphone 8 plus starting at only $799.
    Me: I can buy a high end smartphone with 2k display with $799.
    Apple: If you want high end smartphone, we have iphone X starting at only $1000 but we discount to $999.
    Me: ….

  4. Stfu about vehicles and stick to phones please. To try and say Porsche is behind on any automotive technology, electric be it or not, stfu. Anyone asking him about vehicles stfu. Sick review on the phone can’t wait for my X.

  5. Hey did you know the iPhone x doesn't have live photo apple lied to us I think for a 1.000$ phone it should do a lot more than just take pictures and spy on you people before you buy the iPhone x go to Best Buy and check out the phone also it's about an inch smaller than the iPhone 8 plus