iPhone X vs OnePlus 5 – Speed Test! (4K)

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Time for an epic iPhone X vs OnePlus 5 Speed Test battle. Budget flagship OnePlus 5 takes on the might iPhone X Who will prevail? Lets find out.

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  1. m not an iPhone fan but when i use it. . .i was surprised that i couldnt get my hands of iphone like i still use samsung but still it was amazing . you can compare EVERYTHING but what about the iPhone touch its screen its body texture and the smoothness and what about the the keypad and type iphone is wow. . in all basics. . and u would judge the camera and the rest but when it comes to share on whatsaap u can see iphone does amazing . . so the thing is the when they produce u the iphone they wont go on details but believe it or not the iPhone got the best security system and ios is just one the rest use android and you can hack into the other phones very easily. . . and the best thing is that if u phone is stolen and its lock then its useless for that stupid thief. . .so i now kinda love it. 1 plus 5 seems shitty to me to be honest