iPhone X vs. Pixel 2: Camera comparison

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See how the iPhone X and Pixel 2 cameras compare for portraits, low light, video quality and selfies.
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  1. The iPhone X does do a better job at video but the smoothness of the video on the Pixel 2 will probably sway some people. Still photos on the Pixel 2 are better and let's not forget that iOS 11 is so full of bugs that you need a can of Raid insect spray to go along with the iPhone X.

  2. I have never in my life been so indecisive as to which phone to buy ?. Usually I tend to see how apple beat android and how android beat apple. But this time the pixel and apple are so close together that I'm just very confuse

  3. I like how she actually says things about the phones equally, not like other people that say pixels camera is better in these ways and the x is worse in these ways or the opposite. She aint care she is the best at comparing i would say as she equilizes the performance on the phones.

  4. The iPhone X has a better front camera? What a joke! Every single test shows how much MUCH superior the front camera on the Pixel is compered to others, including the iPhone X.

  5. Real world use….pixel. Even if the iphone takes better video recording quality in lowlight I think stabilization is more important as people generally take videos in good lighting and don't have a stabilizer.

  6. Pixel 2 photo is flatter than the iPhone X. The photo taken by the iPhone X make it harder to further edit. It is more consumer-ready.