iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Review & Comparison – Best Camera Smartphone?

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In this video I do a detailed camera comparison between the iPhone X aka (iPhone 10) and Google Pixel 2 XL and I show you tons of pictures and videos that I shot in various lighting conditions so that you can judge which one takes better photos and videos in this camera review.

My iPhone X Unboxing & Overview Video

My Google Pixel 2 XL Unboxing & Overview


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  1. i bought Google pixel 2 XL coz i was amazed by the reviews i watched about its camera. i brought my phone when i watched a concert and the audio on Google pixel was HORRIBLE. i was so dissapointed as i love having videos of the concerts i watched on my phone. i decided to try iphone x and used it when i watched another concert. the audio on iphonex is AMAZING! i like the camera of Google pixel however i think it is not meant to be used for concerts. it's only good for vlogging. therefore i kept my iphonex and been very happy with it ??

  2. Google machine learning programmes are much enhanced and artificially doing job on the part of the camera apart from relying on hardware while iPhone just doesn't care from the software side and give the results from what the hardware has to offer

  3. Hi Ranjit, I wrote you a private message asking you how a person might protect themselves from Wi-Fi Range extenders, especially if they live in an Apartment complex. Please answer this question. Peace and happy Holidays.

  4. Pixel 2 has better dynamic range and better quality but the color is not real and very cold !! I cant understand iphone x is too warm or pixel 2 is too cold !!!?