iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL vs Note 8 | Camera Shootout

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We wanted to test the new iPhone X camera against the amazing cameras in the Pixel 2 and Note 8 to see how they all stack up! Please enjoy our unscientific comparison and let us know in the comments who you think the winner is!

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  1. I do photography and I could tweak each phone's settings to make them all identical , I think lens quality is so close any of them would be great. I think iphone x exposure is slightly higher which could be tweaked down….sharpness goes to pixel 2 with the note 8 in a very close 3rd place…however camera aside overall phone experience IMO goes to the note 8

  2. iPhone X: awesome hardware features (4K60, 1080@240, etc…)

    Pixel 2: amazing quality
    (colours, dynamic range, etc…)

    Note 8: useful camera features
    (manual mode, manual video, etc…)

  3. For me it's the iPhone X. It has the best video and my favorite color profile of the 3, which makes everything more pleasing to my eyes. The Pixel has the best portrait mode, but falters in video. And the Note 8 doesn't really excel in anything when compared to the other 2 in my opinion.

  4. You can decide for yourself, but the iPhone and Galaxy maintain the natural balance, and color range. There's no way to cheat, and/or go around this. Look at the actual color of the concrete pavement with the wide angle shot , then look at the Pixel's video, dark and saturated colors.

  5. Nice video guys but you left out including one crucial feature that is very important and that's image stabilization comparison. Most people don't walk around with a tripod.