iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & S8 Plus!

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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & S8 Plus! Is The iPhone X Better? Processor, Features, Cameras, Battery Life, Full Comparison!
Which Should You Buy?.

iPhone X vs 8/8+:
iPhone X Clone Unboxing:


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  1. Apple are different and unique, There phones are the next generation, Samsung just wants to copy them every single time. It may be expensive but Apple are expensive. I am with Apple.

  2. You said about 50 percent battery takes less time in iphone x bcz you know that its takes much time on iphonex to complete 100 than on samsung note8

  3. If i would chose between the iphone x and the samsung galaxy note 8 i will absolutely go for the note not because of the specs but because for some reasons in my contry the iphone x is 300$ more expensive than the note8

  4. Using s8 only security i use is fingerprint scanner the most useful and quick in practical terms…iris and face just increase the brightness irritating u and damn slow……….

  5. The resolution of the display and the camera is something that apple try to get better but Samsung always go far better.
    Plus the face recognition is original from Samsung . Also with the Galaxy you can use wire or wireless Bluetooth headphones.

  6. I'm watching this video and I noticed you have a fake iPhone this video doesn't make any sense your making this video with one real phone and the other one's a dummy you need to remake this video get yourself a real iPhone 10 then make a versus video not with a fucking dummy