iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Speed Test!

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1000 euro iPhone X vs 800 euro Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is the fastest phone?

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  1. Pretty much expected. Android phones are great at loading more web-based apps and apps that don’t require too much. iPhone are great at loading games and apps that need a little more power. And system apps are more neck-and-neck on both. As an iPhone user, I can say both phones are great, and that the note 8 is IN MY OPINION way sexier then the iPhone X. But damn, if an iPhone can load apps and games that require more power with only 3 GB of ram then that is impressive! Gg Apple and GG Samsung ?

  2. Good test. But you need to adjust the hue on the Note 8. It looks like your screen is in cinema mode.

    One of the problems I see with Apple at the moment is they have gotten greedy. The X is a nice phone but not worth the price. Proof of that is the lack luster sales of the X, especially over the holidays, which has been well documented and has hit there stock value. The prestige of the name plate has also lost some of it's luster. I personally never looked at Apple as an elite brand but as an alternative and kinda a cult brand. Personally I prefer android for several reasons but I do respect Apple as well. It's just that Apple hasn't really shocked the world with anything innovative that is a game changer in a long long time. The iphone X is a nice phone like most flagship Android phones. But that's it, nothing more.