iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SPEED Test!

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Ultimate iPhone X Speed Test vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8! How Fast Is Apple’s New iPhone X? Real World Speed Test & Benchmarks.

iPhone 8+ vs 7+ Speed Test:


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  1. I call bullshit on this. All those apps had been previously launched on the iPhone x making them already in cache and quicker to respond. Where as the note 8 is doing first time launching taking them longer to load. This is a fraud test.

  2. I bought the Note 8 and after 5 days of light use it just had the NEW ISSUE of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black Screen of Death…. please talk about that!! There are things that are acceptable and things are not when it comes to a phone… I can live with bending, ok with locked uncustomizable software… But I AM NOT OK with the phone EXPLODING… or turning BLACK and never going BACK!

  3. Before Apple makes they must think then they can maybe make something good enough to compare to other smartphones but for now Samsung beats Apple af

  4. How funny we are enslaved to Samsung and Apple, and yet these companies are getting richer from our money. Bottom line, if you are an apple fan, you will always love apple products, and you are a Samsung fan, you will always love their products. These types of comparisons won't change people's mind to switch one for the other. Good video though.

  5. Face ID isn't as secure as what Apple says it is. I mean a Mother's Son was able to unlock her phone easily and they proved it in a video and A Chinese women could unlock a Chinese collegue of hers and they don't look they same but a bit similar and are not twins, which is why I'd choose iris scanning anyday

  6. I love the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I think Apple has problems with revolutions, Samsung bring something new with the Galaxy S6 edge, IPhones looks All the same, and the X look very…. I don't know how it looks, but I dont like it. At least, sorry for Bad English, Im from germany ':)

  7. My mother has got Samsung galaxy note 8 and my father has got iphone x but i prefer samsung ,that's why i bought myself samsung galaxy s8 plus two months ago

  8. ummm how are you testing the Note 8? When you don't even know the Note 8 function keys CAN STAY???!!! Just stop… and btw Samsung made iPhones display people 🙂