iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Comparison

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In today’s video we will do a full comparison between the iphone x vs samsung galaxy s8. Both the samsung galaxy s8 and the iphone x are two of the top smartphones in the market and everyone is wondering which one is better.

In this video, we will find out.

iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Comparison Points we will use:

– Build and Design
– Camera
– Display
– Processor (Speed Test)
– Price
– Biometrics (Face ID and Fingerprint Sensors)
– Battery Life
– And More

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  1. There was a time when Nokia ruled, then came the Apple! Now the tide is changing again Samsung is taking the crown but don't forget the underdog Huawei is running the marathon like a bullet…

  2. This is the way I see it, the screen quality is hardly recognisable the main points are stereo speakers, the looks, the speed and the apps, the only one Samsung wins is the looks

  3. I am an iphone 7 user, when i first met iPhone X in store its not feel special at all. Its just same iPhone with bigger screen that comes with ridiculous price, but when i went to Samsung shop to test the S8, its feel so special in my hand (so was Note8) the screen has more vivid colors, camera is good and the price are reasonable. I think i'll change to Android for my next phone.

  4. The pic quality on the android s8 its much more brighter than the iphone x , comparing the screen quality with the iphone x the pic quality og the s8 its much better the pic quality on the iphone x looks more doll like my iphone 7 plus i tried to adjust it and it couldn’t be the way that i wanted it.the iphone x has more megapixel when it comes taking pics but doesn’t mean it will take better photos been comparing all the android and iphones doesnt matter if iphone has more megapixels but photos they ways look doll .the ipjone x has a little better design and a little faster processor perhaps, but as for me i prefer better the s8 pics are much more clear than the iphone x , so doesnt matter if it is a but faster perhaps , but i don’t see to much of a difference . So for me honestly the iphone s8 its the winer. Peace

  5. IOS>>> ANDROID. I have a temporary samsung, untill my iphone x arrives. And i just can not get used to the android operating system. I've been a iphone user since iphone 1 and i don't care for the s8 at all. I used to own a nvidia shield tab as well, but i also prefere my ipad over that tablet. I don't understand why android users get so butthurt. It"s a personal pfefference. That's all.

  6. anyone can make a video comparing phones but it means nothing when you already lean towards android this is not a comparison at all do everyone a favor a rename the video "showing everything the s8 does and nothing the iPhone does"
    anyone who is reading this don't waste your time its not a fair comparison if your not an iPhone person you shouldn't make videos about them.