iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ Speed Test!

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iPhone X vs 6 month old Samsung Galaxy S8 plus- Which is Fastest?
Wife wont let you have the iPhone X? S8+ is cheaper on Amazon! US:
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  1. Not exactly a scientific test is it, how about using geekbench app to try them, you're welcome by the way for that as you can now do proper testing in future

  2. s8+ beats iphone x for me.On a daily base we will not notice any delayance.s8+ has a better and bigger screen,3.5 audio jack,finger print etc.

  3. speed tests show nothing as animation and apps are different if i had an s6 for example i wouldn't be saying i would've opened youtube 2 seconds faster if i paid a thousand dollars

  4. iPhone X is way better in performance and quality u buy for quality not quantity, plus android gets hacked daily by the gov so keep getting spied on ??