iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Water Freeze Test! – What Will Happen?

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I stepped it up a notch and decided to do an extreme version of my previous water test. The results kinda shocked me.





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  1. Spoiler alert: For the record I had the iPhone 6S in and out of liquid nitrogen and it still worked like a charm after..so that’s why this was a major disappointment for me.

  2. You're acting like putting your phone in freezing cold water is nothing. It's pretty normal what happened with the iPhone X. 12 Hours is a lot

  3. Dood if u dont want the phone please give away to me… Or someone who is need… 1000 dollars man seriously… I am literally dying to buy a 70 dollar phone for communication… And u guys want to see what happens to the phone when u FREEZ IT….. u guys r crazy… .

  4. Guys Both phones are best I have the both phones so when I see this video I tested I keep both phones in water for 15 hours so when I peek up the phone s8 plus was not working it was fully death and the iPhone X was working it means that iPhone is the best. This video is fake.