iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

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Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, Battery & Price ►►► dbrand skins:

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The iPhone 10 features a 5.8″ Super Retina OLED Display, Dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS, 7MP Selfie Camera and Face ID Scanner.

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  1. What the beck! He forgot this:

    Apple engineered, designed and calibrated their display, he forgot the Redstone Technology, he forgot that the IPhone X has a higher FHD Resolution and QHD Drains battery hence why its not set to QHD by default.

    The iphone build is much better: Saphhire Crystal Camera Lens, Polished Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

    SD cards are not the same as internal storage!

    Your forgot that the iPhone X has live photos as well as the Quad -LED True Tone Flash with Slow Since.

    We do have the head phone jack just as an adapted!

    We do get fast Wireless Charging.

  2. i made the mistake of buying a Samsung galaxy's s8 its buy far the worst phone i have ever owned screen freezes all the time i have to turn it on and off at least once a day it is vary slow if you more then 1 thing open contestant updates that do no help the phone and instead of updating the hole phone at once it updates theing one at a time my notes alone have need to be updated 4 times senses i lv gotten the phone i Absolutely hate this phone

  3. I use to own an iPhone but since I bought my first galaxy phone I've never turned back. Plus, I have old Apple accessories that are obsolete because Apple keeps changing their docking ports. From there, I realized that Apple does that as a marketing scheme. Moreover, they want you to buy adapters. Really? For example headphone adapters, earpods, fast charger, not included. $$$$$ for Apple. With Android everything you need is included out of the box. I have had enough. I have never felt happier since I've switched. My galaxy s8 is a beast. My old galaxy S1 S2 S4 all still work and are all still fast unlike old iPhones that get slow and buggy with time. Is it on purpose- Apple intentionally makes it slow so that you can upgrade to the latest and greatest. I wonder? Maybe another marketing scheme.

    Things I love about Android that usually is not mentioned by YouTubers.

    #1 Expandable storage – For ex: my galaxy s8 can have a micro sd up to 256gb. Every Youtuber forgets to mention that when they compare Android to iPhone.
    All I ever hear from iPhone users is" I'm out of space."

    #2 fast charging and good battery life. At work work all my coworkers w iPhones are always looking for a charger. And, it charges slow.

    #3 the notifications in Androids OS is much more Superior and organized compared to iPhones endless individual alerts.

    **Side note for the die hard Apple Fanboys. Samsung is the main supplier for memory chips and OLED displays for Apple. Samsung lives inside iPhone. Wrap your mind around that.

    On a good note competition is good regardless of what people like or dislike- Apple or Android. Without competition cell phone manufacturers can charge you any price they want. Rivalry is beautiful. So buy whatever makes you happy.

  4. Why does it say Galaxy S8 on the back of yours. Mines doesn't…is it supposed to?

    I swear clones had that on the back.

  5. I just purchased the samsung galaxy S8 and i love it ! way better than the iphone as i was a previous owner of the SE, but gave up on it 🙂 i live in New Zealand by the way

  6. The iPhone x has such a good processor and L2 cache, 10nm and nearly twice the die size as qualcoms snapdragon its a pity that the chip is imprisoned in a device with a locked down ui, weird screen, limited eco system, generic aesthetics, capped storage, proprietary headphones, virtually no customisability and a price tag that is f*&king horrendous. The best feature with the s8 is everything bar the processor and you could have 2 handsets for the same price plus you can use it as a linux like fully fledged desktop. Samsung need to plow more money into their exynos soc they could double the die size to make a comparible chip and fuck qualcom off but then they would be charging iphone prices. I'd pay it though. Other than a number on a benchmark though there is nothing the iPhone can do that most high end droid phones cant in real usability terms. Bang for buck goes to Samsung and most other flagship droids!