iPhone X vs Samsung S8 vs LG V30 CAMERA Test Comparison (4K)

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Today we’re comparing the camera on the iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG V30! The iPhone X is the most expensive, but I think it competes extremely well and possibly even WINS in most categories, what do you think?! I personally recently switch from my S8 to the V30 as my daily driver, mostly due to that secondary Wide Angle lens – I use it 100-times a day, way more than I would with a secondary telephoto lens. Those are just my thoughts, I want to hear from you guys down in the comments – which is your favorite?!

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  1. Not fair comparing the s8 with the X. Its more fairer to compare it with the Note8 since it aswell has dual cameras and its in the same price range as the X. Its also Samsung's elite

  2. Chooae any of theae 3. Theyr excelent. I prefer the v30. I used al the best phones. Jut like the way lg made al the ui in it. And use since lg g3 and now v series. But you will find liking the next generation of what your uaing.

  3. Hi guys! I have a really weird problem with my new S8: When connected to my PC, I can not copy any file(or only 1) from my smart phone to my PC, because it will say there is an error. What is weird is the fact that I can put music to my phone, and music is working, but to copy pictures it is not possible. I have tried to debug my phone but the problem did not dissappear. What should I do?