iPhone X: Will I Finally Switch from iOS to Android?

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iPhone X or Android: Time to Switch?
Why not simply switch to Android? (1) Ecosystem, ecosystem, ecosystem. It’s not as simple as a single device (or simply hardware), anymore. (2) Privacy. Google’s business model is user-hostile. (3) Support. Walk into a Google Store. You can’t. (4) Focus. How many Google / Android products have been abandoned within a brief span of time? What’s Google’s long-term strategy for devices? For software? For services? For a comprehensive experience?
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Common complaint is that I’m too picky, too critical of the iPhone X / iOS. Why don’t I just leave. Why don’t I just ignore the problems. You know who else had attention to detail? Steve Jobs.

Stay and hope things improve

The entire value prop is that Apple controls everything

No viable single company alternative

The least of all evils


I can use and not be a fan

Not hypocritical – Apple wins on design

You don’t have to buy everything

Google list in description

Try to provide feedback rather than silence or complicity (getting tired
of beating the same drum)

Ecosystems are a challenge, as Apple has no true contender

Google would have to communicate effective device, software, service strategy and it’s already 1/3rd the way there

Google would have to begin opening up hardware support kiosks

Google would have to enable me to truly control my own data

Google would have to embrace larger device strategy (Fuschia)

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  1. I am so thankful for your honest thoughts and critic because I feel like hating on Apple (for mostly just price related reasons and their arrogant appearance) became a huge trend.

    Another thing I appreciate is that you are not only comparing ioS and android and/or Apple and Samsung cause that‘s a point a lot of people are mixing up and don‘t get that it is not that easy to compare (and does not even make sense sometimes).

    Thank you. I really enjoy your videos. You are one of few youtubers I trust they won‘t waste my time.

  2. Everything is ecosystem. If you are not willing to change your ecosystem stick with what you have. If you are willing to change you have to accept the difference in ecosystems. Change is heavier than dollar notes. Do you have the muscle or will power to carry change? If you do then you will have to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING that you built for the last few years to accommodate that change. You have to have REAL TESTICULAR FORTITUDE to do this. So make up your mind. This guys is making an awesome video..Apple take a hint. He spent years in an ecosystem…just because he mentions hiccup after hiccup it doesn't mean he should switch. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment would have gone down the drain. Unless he has nuts like King Kong, he has to remain with iOS ecosystem. Hope you guys understand….Change has more weight than dollars.

  3. I keep going back to Apple as each time I try Android it has the same issues its always had. Number one and this is the biggest. Updates. Until I can buy any phone from any manufacture and get updates to the OS as soon as Google releases them I will never swap. Apple has that over Google since day one, even Google admit fragmentation is their biggest issue. Is Apple better no, its different and for someone like myself, (Im a system engineer) like Chris I don't want to do support on my own gear. Ive done those decades of Windows machines, build my own computers, LAN parties etc. I need devices to work and work with my phone, to my desktop to my laptop. Google makes some seriously awesome software, but the way they get it to their customers is poorly designed. Telcos/Phone manufactures give zero care factor if your device gets a patch for KRACK. Apple will push an update out to the customer base in the next week, Google will have zero chance of doing the same, that is a broken system.

  4. I don't see your point. You nag about Google not giving long term support for their products…
    but… you are probably buying a new iphone every year.

    Android phones are cheaper, last for years (trust me), and can be repaired.
    Gmail has been around forever… does that count as long term support for a product?
    What about Google Maps?

    Yes, Google services evolve, get better or even disappear. So?
    Yes, Google sells your data, to give you these free services.
    Apple just takes money from you, and keeps your data.

    Yes, a PC is done by many manufacturers. As many as you want.
    You can open it, replace, or even upgrade any component. It's cheaper.

    The Google ecosystem is not perfect, but it's definitively better than Apple's.
    And it works great on Windows.

  5. I was an iPhone user for couple of years. My last iPhone was the iPhone 5s the screen screwed up and switched to android and I 'm staying with ANDROID I don't care about apple anymore.

  6. Totally agree. Those are the key reasons that stop me from switching. The Note 8 is an excellent device but no privacy, no eco system & no long term security. Deal breakers. Yet I’m beginning to feel trapped by apples lack of innovation and overpriced devices but that is the price for all those things we value. Sucks.

  7. p.s. I have had the last 3 Note devices & they were spectacular for the brief time I had them. However, being forced to allow apps to have full access to my mic, my photos & my contacts is a complete deal breaker. I’m talking every app and google also demands full access. That’s not cool at all. On iOS, if you choose not to grant app permissions, you can still use the app. Not so with Android. And of course, Apple’s eco system stand alone. Can’t beat it. So as it stands, I & many others are trapped with Apple.?

  8. I'm thankful for your commentary on what is a touchy subject with some people. I recently switched to Android for 30 days and really enjoyed the freedom and customization options, but couldn't get over how inconsistent the ecosystem of Android was. Apple isn't perfect, but the user experience is still quite good. Also, I wasn't ready for the intrusive nature of the Android device I purchased. Having non-negotiable bloatware installed by my provider was bad, but learning they could comb a lot of my data for marketing purposes was a deal breaker for me. I'm in US and use Verizon. Perhaps it's different in other countries.

  9. I went from BB10 to Google and staying for the long haul. I have Google Home (4) which replaced my Amazon Echo (2), Nvidia Shield, Chromecast 4K, Google Pixel, Daydream and I love Android Auto. I like where their heading.

  10. I hear you. Need to be skeptical before adopting a new philosophy especially technology. There is no such thing as privacy anymore Chris…Using and owning a smartphone, computer which is the internet deludes your privacy in fact. Privacy can just be an Illusion nowadays. Is Apple's private closed sysytem model kept and antagonizing the progression of iOS? Whereas Google's open model can, is and will be

  11. Great discussion.I have been an Apple user for years and in the last five years have switched back-and-forth from windows to Apple and android to iOS. I am about to switch to android from iOS again. I am thoroughly convinced that Apple is also guilty of simply dropping things without forewarning, such as hardware designs and connection types etc. without being thoughtful of the implications for the user your costs or headaches which these changes induce for us. I have become convinced that what Apple is very good at, is creating the illusion that they are all about the user. However they are really all about profit in what enables them to manufacture products that sell at a premium price with a lower build cost. There was a time when I felt that Apple products were worth the premium price. I just can’t say that anymore. However, I just recently bought an iPad Pro 10.5 inch, and I do believe I will continue to use this device for a period of time. As for my mobile phone, I am very sure that I will be switching to android. And more specifically the galaxy note 8.

  12. THANK YOU for emphasizing PRIVACY. That is the 100% reason I just switched from Android to iOS (literally the only reason).

  13. I've been using iPhones for the past 6 years, and tomorrow I'm making the switch to the Pixel 2 XL. I'm really disappointed with Apple's newest phone and their attitude recently. I'm now seeing more and more that android/Google has a lot more to offer

  14. I really like the new iPhone 8 and X but i probably will buy the Galaxy S8 or S9 just because Apple is too expensive for me and also because i think Samsung experience is better for me. Since 4 years i used iPhone 5s, SE and 6s but now for me is time to change. I don't understand hate for these things. I still like a lot Apple products.

  15. Subscribed! Nice work on your videos Chris! I like your detailed, thoughtful and passionate presentation style. I also love my Note 8 (and the multiple Android /Samsung devices/ecosystem that I've owned over the years). The introduction of the iPhone X further cements my place in the Android ecosystem. Luv my Note 8!!