iPhone XR 24 Hour Review – Coral Stunner!

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Here is my 24 hour review of the iPhone XR! This is a long one guys, as I go into the typical rundown I have a lot to say about the design, display, performance, audio and camera of this phone. But I also include here an in depth comparison versus the other phones I’ve been testing (Pocophone F1, Honor 8X, Mi 8 Lite and more!). Is this phone worth the 749 USD price tag? Thanks for watching!

Time codes for the video:
1:11 – 24 Hour Quick Summary
2:47 – Quick look whats inside the box
3:43 – Design
5:40 – Size comparison vs other phones
11:21 – Display
14:19 – Video playback vs iPhone XS Max
16:29 – Night mode Features in Accessibility Settings
17:24 – Performance and Geekbench 4 Scores
21:43 – Audio Speaker Test
25:26 – Initial Camera Performance
30:18 – Final Verdict after 24 hours


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  1. Amazing video I got my xr in March coming from Samsung I absolutely love it after watching your video so amazing but I went with the blue color it’s so beautiful like a baby blue

  2. I wanted the coral but when I got to the store they only had white black and red. I’m glad they had the red , it’s a nice rich red. I was worried about the coral looking childish after a while.

  3. It took a couple of days to get used to the lack of a home button and the various swipes to get places, but once I got used to it>>>ur2.pl/1254 it is a very nice phone and intuitively easy. I had also been skeptical of the facial recognition, but that works amazingly well and quickly. All in all, a great phone.

  4. I want a hot pink phone. I was interested in the coral iphone but every video i watch they say the color doesn't show up correctly on camera. They say it's more orange. Now im torn. Does it look pink at all?

  5. I have a serious question. Does the iphone xr display videos like on the plus models? In which i mean are the videos the same size? Is it closer to the xs or xs max? I watch alot of youtube, and in General, Videos. Im coming from a iphone 8 plus.

  6. I am using my XR from yesterday. I really like XR. Used all samsung and Iphones to XS. Returned XS because of blueshift. Got XR. Perfect phone. If its 1080p this is best phone. 800+p Still good. I personally feel 8+ display is little sharp and clear. I am going to keep XR and definitely expect better resolution in future phone.

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