iPhone XR camera and video review

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Henry takes the iPhone XR on a tour of the Big Apple to test out that single lens camera, running through photos, video, low light, portrait mode, and more – including talking about how the iPhone XR camera compares to the likes of the iPhone XS and Google’s Pixel phones.

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  1. Tbh this isn’t true about the single lens camera causing no stage light mono. Because iPhone SE 2020 has only one camera but it has all the portrait mode settings like iPhone 11

  2. I am really bad with cameras and stuff so, my friends call me useless bcz I owned iPhone XR but knows nothing about it..I just learnt something today on my phone and came here to check if I am missing anything else .. guess what I wasn’t wrong at all lolol

  3. سألت امي اذا هي تحبني قالت نعم فقلت لها اريد ايفونxr قالت تخسين

  4. I don’t like the camera at all. iPhone 6 has way better camera quality than this phone but I’m still grateful I have a newer iPhone ☺️