iPhone XR Cases by Griffin

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Apple did not release an official case for the iPhone XR so I thought we would take a look at some cases from Griffin to help protect the latest 2018 iphone. #griffin #iphonexr

Panasonic GH5:
Leica Lens:
Memory Card:

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iPhone XR – Unboxing:

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  1. Damn! The last time I (myself) put on a screen protector, it did NOT go that smoothly! But that was back in the day before the glass protectors when it took 30 minutes to get it “just right”.

    You made that look actually doable!!!

    Only one caveat, I truly believe the glass protectors crack much quicker than the old ones would scratch! My husband has had to replace his THREE times – and he’s very fastidious about his devices!!

    Great cases however!

    I’ve got my 7+ and I’m sticking to it! My husband got an X when they first came out & returned it going back to his 8+. It’s just not worth the $$ anymore!

    Thanks for the review.