iPhone Xr – Display Quality Comparison with Xs, Xs Max and 8 Plus

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In this video, we will compare the Display Quality of the iPhone Xr with the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone Xr has an LCD Display, just like the iPhone 8 Plus but with a lower resolution, while the Xs versions sport an OLED Display.

Let’s see what’s up.

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  1. Xr screen is fine if you like phone screens from 2014 but if you are a tech guy then these OLEDS just put these XRs to SHAME lol. I mean they have a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio and 0.24 on the true tone color accuracy which is the best in the world right now.
    so i mean if you cant afford it get the XR otherwise your missing out on everything

  2. Not to be rude but I dont think you know what you're talking about man. You're comparing OLED and LCD, completely different hardware so it obviously going to look different.

  3. A better CPU means more life, it’s a better deal to get a faster processor than an amoled display imo. I prefer a phone that will support one or two more os upgrades before getting sluggish.

  4. The resolution really isn't notice'able. What's disturbing is the LCD instead of an OLED. That's the difference I immediately noticed at the store. I'm getting the Xs for Christmas.

  5. Wow folks, calm down ?
    I'm an iPhone convert and I just gave both the 8 Plus (bought first) then the XR (traded up for from the 8 Plus) to see which one was the better one for me. I'm coming from an LG V30 with an OLED screen and massive resolution, I do like my nice screens. I thought the 1080p screen on the 8 Plus would blow away the XR's…but in reality I hardly noticed any real difference. Actually, the colors on the XR "popped" a bit more and pics looked a bit better to my admittedly aging eyes. Now neither of these even came close to my old V30, but either of them were "good enough". I think that's what Apple excels at, giving us just what we need, not a pixel more. If it helped to contain the price (such as it is….) then fine. I love the power from either of them and IOS 12.1 is smooth as glass. Not to mention the 5 years it's guaranteed to be updated (the main reason I switched from Android to Apple), so all is good here.

    I do get what Saki was trying to do here, though, because I do agree that most Youtube tech reviews are glossing over or making excuses for Apple on their screen choice here, and it needed to be done. But that doesn't mean that the XR's a bad phone, nope not at all. But for the money, Apple should have at least went with a 1080p screen if just for marketing appeal if nothing else.

  6. Went to apple store and see the iphone xs and xr. I notice that when i look the iphone xs in an angle the is a color shifting wierd. The iphone xr smae in all angle.

  7. What also annoys me is that Apple haven't released their own cases for the XR. I have the forest green on my XS Max and couldn't really imagine using anything other than an Apple leather case as they are quality if a bit pricey.

  8. I don't understand why Apple didn't put in a 1080 display in a phone that costs £750. It doesn't make sense considering that it also has the latest A12 chip. Better battery, maybe, but one has the feeling of being ripped off.

  9. Kudos to Apple for packing so much usable technology into a phone that is $250 cheaper then there flag ship. If you going to compare screen resolution I would suggest you use pixels per inch ppi instead the dimensional format 1080p. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone XR are vastly different aspect ratios. As for the comparison between viewing angles it’s certainly interesting but not very practical. I don’t know anyone that intentionally looks at their phone at an off angle I mean the thing is in your hand so it’s pretty easy to orient properly. I guess I just disagree with your premise that the most important thing is a few pixels of screen resolution. I think Apple made the right choice giving us all of the performance upgrades of the iPhone XS with a admittedly inferior but very usable LCD display saving the end-user to $250

  10. I put the xr and Xs beside each other a few days ago and I wasn’t impressed by the xr at all. I really feel like they could’ve given us a 1080p screen. It’s not like LCD panels are new tech. At this point, I’m not sure I’m sticking with Apple.

  11. 100% agree with you that Apple should've kept the A11 CPU and give the XR a better display. Lower resolution is bad for reading text (email, news, etc).

  12. I went to Best Buy I found XSMax screen is much warmer than XR. And the highest brightness of XR looked even higher than XSMax. I think you received a defect XR.

  13. Is the phone using the same exact display on earlier devices such as 8 or 7 pluses? I wanna get the phone but I haven’t gotten any of the newer ones due to the pwm and giving me eye problems, I would appreciate a response!