Iphone XR Don’t waste your money !

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This video is more of a chat between you and me about the fact that the iPhones (Xr, Xmas etc) are a waste of your money.

I (usually…not this time, I am sick and working …sorry) translate all of my videos in French, so you’ll see English subtitles in the parameters (I’m also making the English subtitles) and French subtitles.

I really enjoy my gears and testing hi tech products. I’m making these videos out of passion and I really appreciate you being here ! Hope you are having as much fun as I am !

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You want to know what gear I’m using for my videos?

My drone on Amazon.com (combo, with the remote)

My drone on Amazon.fr (combo with the remote)

My drone on Amazon.de (combo with remote)

Extra battery for the Spark :

My gear :
Nikon D5500
1°) Amazon.de
2°) Amazon.fr
3°) Amazon.com


1°) Amazon.de
2°) Amazon.fr.
3°) Amazon.com

GREAT LENSE for the Canon M50
EF-M 22 mm F2
1°) Amazon.fr.
2°) Amazon.com
3°) Amazon.de

Go Pro Session
1°) Amazon.de
2°) Amazon.fr
3°) Amazon.com

Rode Video Mic Go
1°) Amazon.de
2°) Amazon.fr
3°) Amazon.com

Boya Mic
1°) Amazon.fr
2°) Amazon.com
3°) Amazon.de

Manfrotto tripod

Jobi Gorillapod

I’m using my iPhone 8 plus with my Osmo Mobile 2.

If you want to buy the Osmo mobile 2 at 129 dollars on Amazon.com here is the link :

If you want to buy it through Amazon.fr through me, here is the link :

If you want to buy it through Amazon.de, here is the link :

My other videos about DJI OSMO MOBILE 2 :



In-depth review :

Hands on :



Filmic Pro and Osmo Mobile 2

Osmo Mobile 2 – Extra tips

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Music by Joakim Karud


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  1. Very good tutorial Celine, you would think over time the overall price of phones would reduce not increase. I have had the Sony, iPhone and now Samsung I personally prefer my Samsung.
    I just love all the locations you choose for backgrounds, they are amazing….like you.

  2. LOVING your common sense to being wise with our finances… I always advise people to NOT chase technology, it might "help" the economy now, but it will make us broke later on, when we need the money most! Watching and Supporting – Grabbing more of your time! LOVING this video!

  3. I own the device, the display is actually really good, not as good as the ones on xs and xs max but better than the one on the 8 series, battery life is amazing, snappy and stylish and i really recommend it.

  4. Looks like you struck a chord with the Apple Fans! I don't think they know you have iPhones! Watching and Supporting – LIKING your video, because it is a great video!