iPhone XR Hands-On: The Better Choice Over XS?

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On ‘The New Screen Savers,’ Leo Laporte gives his hands-on first look at Apple’s new iPhone XR and lets you know why it might be the one to pick over the more pricey iPhone XS and XS Max.

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  1. This is incredible. FOR MONEY You – all toutubers – come to say that Xr is somehow better than Xs…
    I am an Android fan, but I appreciate how great Xs is
    But this Xr… If I were Apple fan, this wouldn't exist.
    For 500$ maybe. But 750$ … Xs all the way

  2. I came back on this channel a week a go.
    I forgot that it even exists until the XR news.
    I don’t understand how you guys have that low amount of subscribers???

    Go and do some marketing staff.

    This is the only professional relaxing kinda tv tech channel on youtube.

    Do something, you should have a minimum 2/3Million of subscribers.

    I remember watching videos on this channel years ago maybe even before the iPhone 6…. how can you be on 165.000 subscribers???

    Do something!

  3. Why do you act like they did us a favor by charging basically 800$ for this. iPhone used to cost like 500$ and people were raging back then how expensive it was. Now people call it budget if its underr 1k. Jesus christ.