iPhone XR (iOS 13) – The Final Review

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The iPhone XR has been on the market for 10 months now and as we near the release of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11R, it’s time to reevaluate on the iPhone XR running the iOS 13 beta and give it its final review.

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  1. I have a iPhone XR, i HATE the screen. It can get things under it easily.And The screen Lifts up every time I pick a different Case. And when you watch YouTube, the screen isn’t full. It cuts off. But it’s still good!

  2. The XR is better than the xMax and Xs
    Because with the money you save you can get AirPods and a wireless charging pad instead of spending an extra 2 hundred dollars for the same phone with boring colors

  3. iPhone XR
    720 resolution
    Weak battery
    Thick Bezel
    No finger print scanner
    Annoying notch
    3gb ram -_- bruh
    I'm switching to Samsung bye 😂

    (My brother has the xr he gave me these specs)

  4. I’ve had the xr for a while now and it’s perfect, the screen is not bad at all you’re not gonna notice it

  5. Ppl complaining about 1080p, shit, I’m just glad I got a Xr, I’m the type of person that wears the iPhones off till the last penny, switched from a iPhone 7.

  6. With all of these new smart phone devices that have come out with high prices over a grand nowadays , It has literally made me rethink otherwise of my future plans in shopping for these devices. I used to be one of those who used to get the latest and greatest every single year but now, the XR seems Like the best overall choice. Especially if they decide to give this the most battery out of all current iPhones.

  7. It wasn’t ever “controversial” except for among display nerds. Most people who buy smartphones don’t care about displays and specs. Just if the phone works and does what it needs to do and has a great build quality.

  8. Dude you don't have to keep saying iPhone all the time before you say Xr or Xs. I think the audience knows what you're talking about if you just say Xr, etc..

  9. Sprint is offering a free upgrade from and iPhone 6s and up. So I'm wondering if I should trade my iPhone 7 in on one? I'm seriously thinking about doing it just because I have no storage on this 7

  10. Great review man. But if you’re going to be doing videos for the world to see go to the dentist and get your teeth bleached or get over the counter teeth whitening strips just saying not trying to be rude

  11. Thank you for giving enough emphasis on the camera of XR. I owned an XS for 10 months but the Portrait Mode is locked on the second lens. Apple should give us the option to choose which lens to use. Now I switched to an XR and I am satisfied with its Portrait Mode. Battery life is much better. (XS’ battery is bad.)

  12. I have an 8 plus and thinking of upgrading to the Xr but I guess it’s not that worth it to upgrade since there is only a year of launch date. I guess we should hold on for at least 2-3 years for a phone we paid for a high amount. I think we should expect it to last long enough and get the most out of it. Nowadays Apple is all about marketing and not innovation. The camera is so hyped these days.