iPhone XR takes on the best Android phones of 2018

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Michael Simon has called the iPhone XR Apple’s best iPhone ever, but how does it stack up against Android’s best – the Google Pixel 3XL, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and OnePlus 6T? This is the question he answers in the latest episode of Android Confidential.

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  1. Okay. But can iOS run apps at the same time? ??? My 15000 rupees phone does this… I'm on Monthly security update since 14 months under ANDROID ONE programme.

  2. Haha he says the performance is better than even laptops but for what actually. It cant do nor will it ever be able to do things that a laptop can do. So if they are putting high performance cpu's for operating an operating system which is less efficient than a real computer that means the software is performance thirsty and thus not very efficient as most apple fans say. So i will never buy a phone which costs more than a cheapest laptop in the market.

  3. I recently was due for an upgrade and briefly considered an iPhone XR but eventually went for Oneplus 6t for two main reasons: price per month (contract) which is half of iPhones and the os. I prefer Android by a little bit but this new "cheaper" iPhone made me actually interested enough to give it a second look. Well done apple. Move in the right direction in my opinion. I agree with most things that you mentioned. It is still too expensive though. If the price was closer to oneplus' I would have a really hard time choosing.( I really, really like my Oneplus 6t a lot )

  4. I've seen the iPhone xs opening apps against the note 9. And won 4 out of 20. And doesn't hold the app open like the note 9. Your talking shite with these benchmarks. And jealous of iOS pmsl. Apple fan boy

  5. I Fuck to the iphone xr loser check display quality and the most thing is iphone battery
    All iphone have battery problem and no giving fast charger with mobile box
    You talking pixel 3 xl the world best mobile with new feature

  6. Updates dont matter if you dont like ios. I cant stand the ios interface, limitations and the unuser friendly settings. I like the XR but its like you are trying to justify it. Put it head to head with phones fairly in terms of recommendation to buy and lets see how it fairs

  7. Ppl like you gives Apple to justify their price. Keep on giving your hard earned money to Apple to make them richer. Imo Android is the way to go since brands like OnePlus give flagship performance at low prices and tech needs to be enjoyed by everyone and not just the rich ppl

  8. One of the greatest iPhones ever made and yet still Apple are struggling to sell them and the current iPhone line up and the reason why: iPhone X, iPhone 8 variants, iPhone 7 variants and even iPhone 6 variants, and also iPhone SE – all great phones, with frequent os updates, all available for knockdown prices.

  9. Android user for 5 years, and i have to say, iphones are KILLING IT… I just wish they didnt remove the headphone jack and the type c port, and the finger print scanner…

  10. Michael, you make great pts w respect to the hardware, and I get the bits about updates, and you also could have mentioned the superior video–which is where the processing speed comes in to play. But I think you neglect how inefficient the IOS operating system is and how much less useful it is for getting ordinary stuff done. Google Assistant is far better than Siri, and if you are someone who prefers to interact with the phone via voice, it is vastly superior. Try telling the iPhone to send an email or message to someone and then dictating the contents–and then try it on the Pixel 3. Then, how about the way in which you move through tasks on the OnePlus versus iPhone? Or the way in which the systems handle notifications? I think Linus of Linus Tech Tips does the best job of covering these issues. Apple has gorgeous hardware, but is the software experience really superior? I think it is not–particularly, again, if you are using voice dictation.. But maybe I'm wrong. I'd like to hear what others think.

  11. Android users just can't take the fact that Apple's "budget" phone is just as good or even better than the best android phones out there.