iPhone XR Teardown!

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The iPhone XR finally joins the 2018 iPhone lineup. Thanks to the aluminum frame and LCD you can get almost everything you love about the iPhone XS, but for less! People are calling the iPhone XR the best value iPhone you can buy, but will it be the most repairable? We’re tearing it down to find out.

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Our Pro Tech came in handy for this phone!

The iOpener is great for adhesive!

A magnetic mat is your best friend with so many screws!

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  1. Displays are really important to me – I watch a lot of 1440p youtube on my phone, so for me, this thing is trash. Better get an S9 for like the same price or less..

  2. Really glad they kept it relatively simple, and even more glad that they kept the LCD. The general population doesn't care about (or notice) the difference between an LCD and an OLED. What they DO care about is when their galaxy replacement part ALONE costs twice as much as the part, shipping, markup, labor, and tax combined on an iPhone screen replacement.