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Here is my official 72 hours with the #iPhoneXR I think it’s the BEST option for an iPhone at the moment.

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  1. I charge my phone at night when I sleep… included charger has it done by the time I wake up. And charging slower is better for the life of the battery.

  2. This will be my first iPhone since the iPhone 3GS. I used my Nexus 6 to knockoff the price by $150. Now even though I wanted the OnePlus 6T as well I wasnt quite sold on the 6T, and the XR was something I was intrigued to get. Still gonna keep my S8+ because Samsung pay is life. I am ready to go back and be an Apple head for a little while. So I got the iPhone XR w128GB because I have my S8+ /w 64GB + 128GB SD card

  3. Just sharing my thoughts. I went to the store and I was impressed with the size of the XS compared to the XR. The railing on the sides of the XR will make it feel a little cheap. But I think that's a compromise for the price. You'd put it on a case in the end anyway

  4. Thanks for pointing out the matter with the size and the feel. I wanted to buy the Xr but after having it in my own hands i think i can't get used that size and feel.

  5. I played with this phone at Verizon, and was quite impressed. It's a good phone, but Apple still should of gave us a 1080p. I'm sorry I can't give them a pass on that. It's 2018, and no other OEM is making sub 1080p screens. Not accepting that from the richest company in the world.

  6. I love the videos, super helpful. Can you please do some recommendations for cases for this phone. Or possible compare it to the pixel 3, thanks for the great vids

  7. that red color way is really nice, mighy have to grab this for my first apple product. Im usually an android user so this might be a good switch for me. 64gb is enough space for me by alot.

  8. Great real-world review. Few of those around with all the pro reviews. Thanks. I'm moving from a iPhone 6, so anything will be an amazing upgrade. 128GB for sure, and probably Red. Although the coral and yellow are cool (I have a yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser).

  9. I thought I would struggle not having the home button. I bought my Xr two days ago and can honestly say I haven’t missed the home button at all. In fact I think it’s better without one ????. Enjoyed your video. I have the white. It looks classy in my opinion. But the blue is very pretty for us girls