iPhone XR – the iPhone 5C Reborn

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The iPhone XR is meant to be a budget alternative iPhone XS- much like how the iPhone 5C was meant to be a budget alternative to the 5S. The XR is essentially the rebirth of the 5C, and so let’s talk about that!

iPhone 5 & 5C – two very different phones:

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  1. idc how good the screen looks. the phone cant even run anything 1080p. honestly better off buying the 10s or 8+ because they both run 1080… an iPhone running only 828 is old tech and is not impressive at all

  2. when i got the 5c in 6th grade as my first phone they sold it for a few cents at best buy the only thing we had to pay for was the service so in that scenerio it was a good phone now im a weak away from upgrading from an 8 to a Xs max and a freshman in highschool look how far we've come

  3. I have a xr and i have to say I like it a lot. When comparing it to a 5s it is much better. Sure it has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4 but that'd because it's a bigger screen. There are more things that go into the quality of the display than just PPI. My main complaint to it is the thicker bezels it has in comparison to the x. That's also a good thing because if you are playing a game your palms will not touch the screen when holding it sideways.

  4. Honestly I don’t think for a second this is a step away from anything. I have been using the iPhone XR for about a week. I came from a four year old 6 Plus. Yes I don’t have my OLED anymore. Boo who. I don’t care. This phone is leaps and bounds better in its own direction. I wish people would stop comparing it to the S models of the X phones. The XR is it’s own phone. It’s specifically designed to be different not just better. This is a learning experience for not only the consumer but Apple as well. I’m happy to be part of the expedition. I was tired of the way it didn’t change. This is a deep step in a direction that may well rejuvenate Apple as a company in that it may well teach them they have the option of gearing to two separate types of consumers. Personally I see the technology as a boost and the LCD screen being a good thing for longevity in the device. Dare I say the XR is a device that could last a decade with no problems at all.

  5. I think apple didn’t really intend for the Xr to be as good as it is, but were afraid it would flop like the 5c. As such I think it’s basically the perfect base iPhone. I think of it as the iPhone Xe, “e” for essential. I think of the XS and max as the iPhone “Pro”. I switched from an X to an Xr and I really think it’s my favorite iPhone. Great colors, perfect size, and 128gb for 800. I’m happy with it, honestly.

  6. I still use my 5c because I don't have the money to get anything else, that is what I'm commenting on. The video was great and I'm a big fan of the xr but you didn't have to pick on the phone I'm greatful to use today.

  7. iPhone 5c: No one buys me. People say I am the worse phone ever. How dare they. Ima come back in late 2018 and ima be the best phone ever. Just watch!

    IPhone XR:I’m back!!Told you guys I was gonna come back better than I was before. NOW EVERYONE IS GONNA WANNA BUY ME!!MUAHAHA

  8. The 10r is exactly like the 10’s 5c. I was even thinking that during the event. The iPhone 5c failed, and I believe this is also going to fail. The screen is only 720p, on a big phone, also iPhones are known for their cameras, well, this has a worst camera. I think if it was around 600$ it might work, but 750? This phone is going to flop.

  9. 5 c and X r = c and r = color ColoR
    That letter C and R resembles the word “ColoR”

    And since there are 5 and 5S, there is 5C which is the budget alternative.
    So there is Xs and Xs Max, and then there’s also XR which is ALSO the budget alternative.

    Simply the color and the number 5 multiplied by 2.
    I can assume that the iPhone 15 will have the same thing