iPhone XR – Think Twice Before Buying..

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iPhone XR – Think Twice Before Buying.. (iPhone XR vs iPhone XS & X)

The iPhone XR is due out later this month, and you should definitely watch this video before buying one!

We go over the iPhone XR display, battery life, performance, camera and more. It is also briefly compared to the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone X of last year.

Are you planning to pick up an iPhone XR this month? Why or why not?

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  1. If your an adult with an adult job, these prices are of zero consideration.
    You pick whatever you want.
    I choose the XR simply for the Red color.
    I can’t tell the difference in any of these phone resolutions or cameras.
    I traded in my 6S for $150 so I’m spending $600 or so, I upgrade about every 2 years so this phone costs ~80¢ a day, that’s nothing!
    I’m a power user, who isn’t? We all use our phones every day, all day long.

  2. Great video, after those bad videos about bad screen on iphone xr ivwas really concerned aboutbuying one. I had iphone x but i hated the battery life as i use my phone a lot for buisness and not really caring about screen quality that much as i liked my 8 plus screen as much as iphone x. I only want to get the xr for tge better battery life and this video helped me realise that screen isn't probably that terrible….

  3. Hey guys I have the SE and want to upgrade. I want the best bang for my buck. I’m thinking either the 8, X, or XR. What are your thoughts ? Cheers

  4. it you have an iphone 6, 6s, or 7, then upgrade to a XR. if you have and iphone 8 or X, wait till 2019 when the iphones will get a redesign

  5. To me personally it should have at least come with a 1080p screen even budget phonea come with 1080p screens I'm not worried about ppi as long as the screen looks good but for 750 at least a 1080p screen dont penny punch cause I know a 1080p LCD is not much of a cost over a 720p screen that is how i feel down play it all you want but it should have been at least 1080 and i know most feel the same

  6. You can buy an factory unlocked dual sim brand new unopened box Note 9 128GB with 512GB expandable storage with no sales tax on eBay for $815. I always wait a month or two after launch and buy the Note series on eBay. Just look for selller's who sell hundreds of them a week. Compare that to the most stripped down iPhone XR which will never be sold new on eBay that with sales tax is the same cost as this far superior Note 9. Why would anyone buy an iPhone XR?

  7. I consider myself to be a power user and would rather purchase a XR over a XS Max because of value.

    $1099 starting price for a smartphone is ridiculous

    They have the same chip, come on.

    As for OLED, not even the iMac Pro has an OLED display, none of the Macs do.

  8. Why do people always just assume that anyone who wants a XR doesn’t know anything about phones, screens, or specs? I’m fully aware of its sacrifices and I made a conscious choice to wait for it.

  9. >Apple: Introducing our new Liquid Retina Display on the XR.
    >Audience: but isn’t that screen like the iPhone 4 screen?
    >Apple: No it’s more like the iPhone 8 but we’re charging more for it.
    >Audience: That’s still a downgrade so why buy it if it isn’t really better?
    >Apple: Facial recognition and societal statues.
    >Audience applauds.

  10. I’m a guy who cares about specs but I think you shouldn’t have said that and just said a display caring nerd… because in reality that’s all it is missing: a better display but folks didn’t complain about the SE not even being 720p for a small phone and it still looked sharp.. so I have no fear this phone will still look almost as good as 1080p but with that big battery life…

  11. I have a 6plus and I have had for 3 years and is super fast!! Idk even know if I should upgrade. If I am I wonder if this is the upgrade i should do. I am giving this phone a chance! I think it’ll be great

  12. I wouldn't expect the XR to be as good as the xs/xs max or. I would expect it to be better than the 8 plus since it's about $50 more expensive.

  13. Better camera, better battery life, better waterproof, dual sim and we travel to Taiwan a lot, another frequency that T-Mobile and international carriers , faster processor… I’m upgrading from se, and wife’s 6 from 4 years ago. If I want to watch a movie, I’ll go grab my iPad. Xs not worth $250 more, or $500 for two of them.