iPhone XR vs Galaxy Note 9 SPEED Test – This Was Unexpected..

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iPhone XR vs Galaxy Note 9 SPEED Test – This Was Unexpected..

The iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 were both released in 2018 and they have quite a few differences, but just how much faster is the Note 9? Or is it faster at all?

This video will run through boot up tests, app launching tests, WiFi speed tests, and a web browsing test.

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Do you have a Note 9 or an iPhone XR? Were you surprised by the results in this speed test?

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  1. what an idiot… lol go get some better sense… note 9 has better gaming performance, lol iphone doesnt have nearly the amount of constant load… i mean DUHHHHHH

  2. I like how the most toxic people here the Android users. Like stop if people choose to buy an iPhone, let them. Seriously it’s not like it’s coming from your wallet.

  3. no matter how many marketing on Samsung you are trying to make, I will never buy shitty Android. Samsung Android is even more shitty

  4. Samsung always has this problem. It is great value for money than apple but what sets it back is the UI. Too many bloatware and damn ugly design. Apple seems to integrate everything so well even after image processing so bad on samsung. They need to fix it and are on familiar ground.

  5. Well i mean this is one thing, im not trying to be a butthurt Android person but sure the XR beats the note 9 in this case, im not bringing up the screen because the IOS users will just shame me for it but let me just state a few things it does better, (keep in mind im not shaming apple)

    1: The Note 9 has room for a headphone jack and a stylus yet has a bigger battery and the battery would outperform the XR.

    2: The 9's have a camera that can adjust to let more or less light in permitting for better pictures in low light situations, proffesional cameras have this.

    3: More durable than the XR when it comes to drops.

    4: the note 9 uses SUPER AMOLED displays while the X series of Iphones are just recently getting OLED (I know I said I wouldent say anything about the screen but I just wanted to adress this)

    There is a few more i could state but im sure the die-hard IOS users will get mad at me for It but remember I wasnt trying to shame apple in any way, Even though they are a scummy ass company that just wants mon- nevermind thats for a different argument…
    So yea

    Let me know if you want me to say why I think Apple is a scummy company and i'll add an edit to this saying why

  6. 4:47 seriously brah???

    U can see clearly camera loaded first on Samsung
    And u say – ahh I don't know it was pretty close
    This what happens when iPhone lover compares iPhone n Samsung 😂😂

  7. 4:47 u gotta do comparison straight forward
    Why u don't want android Samsung to be fast
    Everytime Samsung loads first u be like hmm okayyy
    iPhone loaded first iPhone did awesome

    When camera loaded first on Samsung
    Ohh let me check it was iPhone

    I sided test

  8. Isheps everywhere. Dude who cares about second? Overall Samsung better phone for the money. Better screen, more specs etc. Since 2016 Iphone users buying same phone with different names lol without any improvements.

  9. Ya the iPhone xr is faster than note 9 but is the display on the xr capable for gaming, I can't plug a good headphone to the xr, well the difference is like few seconds and not like minutes and it by no means destroys the note 9.

  10. Fun facts kiddos who don’t know anything about apple. Apples tech is shit at compared to Samsung. Apples iPhone XR has the same resolution as the iPhone 4

  11. From what I've seen the xr has a few seconds advantage when it comes to launching, outshining the note 9 when it came to launching games, but normal application seems to be a little faster on the note 9 but opening application faster overall I'd give it to the xr. However when it came to relaunching the application, note 9 had the clear advantage. But there's alot more to a phone than just launch speed and reopening speed, keep that in mind.

  12. Isheep here are like
    ''Shitdroid fan getting destoyed haha iphone is the best''
    At least i prefer my games on a screen thats notchless, bigger, higher resolution and also oled not lcd that even 100 dollar samsung phones dont have that only the most expensive iphones can have like 750 dollars are not enough for an oled display. Also good luck paying 600 dollars just to fix a broken back glass. Apple is pure profit get it in your appleshaped heads you sheep.

  13. Lmao scrolling thru this comments i see all these applefanboys creating false rumours and stuff tho some are true but once again they calling other fone fans shitheads making themselves look bad smh

  14. Oof… I was always an android user. Samsung to be exact. Now I don't know which one should I buy…. Note 9 or IPhone XR. But since I've never tried IPhone, I should probably upgrade to the XR because I need a taste of an IPhone device. I always thought IPhone was shit, but now I think both of them are really good you only need to know which one fits you best. So good bye Samsung😵😵😵