iPhone XR vs Galaxy S10e Photo Quality Ultimate Comparison!

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This is the ultimate photo quality comparison between the iPhone XR and the Samsung Galaxy S10e!
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  1. Hmm prefiero el XR 🤔 se ve más natural en especial los rostros y el efecto Bokeh se ve más similar al desenfoque por distancia focal tradicional que elS10e

  2. I prefer the photos that I can take easily with one small hand. This is why I just got the S10e…..seems like it's being positioned as a "cheaper" S10……but there's a real market for a small flagship device and Samsung did a great job here. This is likely a small factor in the XR's sales success as well. Both are excellent "smaller" phones (and really the first premium phones of this size in quite some time), so as always I recommend people go with the manufacturer/OS you've always preferred.

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