iPhone Xr Vs iPhone Xs Max Screen Comparison – Viewing Angle Fail on the iPhone Xr?

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iPhone XR v iPhone Xs Max Screen Comparison – Viewing Angle Fail on the iPhone Xr? A comprehensive screen comparison between the iPhone Xr Vs iPhone Xs Max.
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  1. Who the fk wants strangers sitting next to them to be able to see everything you're doing on your phone from all angles? Sure buddy, put a neon sign up that says, "Here's my personal banking information"….

  2. Hi, am I better off buying an IPhone outright or on a Plan? Looking at the iPhone X’s to purchase. This will be my first smartphone. Any advice would be helpful. I am in Australia.

  3. You only need to tap and hold the space bar to activate cursor mode, on both the XS, and XR. You don’t need to push down on the screen. You can force touch anywhere on the keyboard, on the XS.

  4. Are you stupid man? Do you know that lcd loose their quality when you change viewing angle one that is not straight? That's 100% normal, all lcd phones do that, especially that this phone's resolution is low…

  5. 1, at 18k subs how the hell do you afford all these phones and laptops
    2. Battery life is supposed to be good, i actually value that more than the screen cause for me as long as it looks good i don't care about quad super duper 90k resolution

  6. Your reviews are the best, instead of going in and just listing out specs you actually use the phone and let us know what's good. Personally I think having worse viewing angles on a phone is great, because you know, privacy.