iPhone Xr vs OnePlus 6 – Best Budget Smartphone?

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The iPhone Xr is Apple’s budget option this year for their 2018 phone lineup, but can it compete with the value that the OnePlus 6 offers at $529? It’s going to be freaking epic, let’s get started with this comparison review!


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  1. Stopped watching when I realized this was a opinion and you stated that the xr would beat the oneplus 6 in performance 6t beat the max in a speed test. I'm assuming it would be the same with the xr vs the 6

  2. iOS doesn't support split screen functionality, a must have feature. Very important omission in your review. The OS category is undoubtedly owned by the OnePlus 6.

  3. I feel like I want an XR for apples service. But $500 to replace the back panel if it cracks? That's so off putting, you could buy another OP6 for the same price

  4. 720p is way to less for a mobile phone, i can see myself up to 1440p with the human eye so wtf, and also a phone isn't only for gaming so what are you talking about

  5. Cause the top iphone of 2018 became 10 times more expensive than the previous doesn't make a 750 dollar phone cheaper, do you even know what you're talking about?