iPhone XR vs Pixel 2 Camera Comparison

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[iPhone XR vs Pixel 2 Camera Comparison]
iPhone XR has a really good camera, even after just having it for a few weeks its obvious, but how does it stack up to last years photography champ, the Pixel 2? In this video I cover the video recording, still photos, and portrait modes on both phones giving you the answer of which is better!

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  1. I need help. My pixel 2 was very good until ski season. In the cold it just shuts off and restarts when I'm trying to take a picture or text/ call someone. I am thinking about getting an XR would it be a good choice?

  2. Loved the comparison!! To be precise, iPhone offers best video recording and brighter image with great colors but Pixel 2 has more realistic still images and unbeatable video stabilizing!!😉