iPhone XR vs Pixel 2 XL & iPhone X

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What do you think of the iPhone XR?

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  1. I've had my 2XL since launch. I currently have the 128GB Xr on order as a replacement. The only thing I've liked about my Pixel is the battery life and camera. The speakers are trash(rattle/distortion from the bottom firing one, overall not well balanced), the OLED display has horrible off axis blue shift as well black crush, and I've seen slowdowns after a months of use in things such as app switching, app loading, etc, etc. Before you tell me to RMA, I'll have you know that I've had 6 replacements already since the original purchase. I'm not saying that the Xr will be necessarily better, but I don't think that it's worse than the 2XL.

  2. Finally, a video deciding between the pixel 2 XL and iphone XR. I've always been with android and I do like my pixel MOST of the time. I ordered the iphone XR and will try it out for 2 weeks and see how it feels. I'm curious to enter the Apple world at least once. I'd really like to see you test it against the OnePlus 6T though because that's a lot of phone for $550+. Have you gotten one to test out yet?

  3. I am thinking about either getting the Pixel 2 XL or the iPhone XR. Which one should I be getting and why? A note though I like to get my software updates fast, aswell as having a camera that is good without having to edit alot, not to mention a pretty good battery life. Let me know which one I should get.

  4. Im considering buying the XR for $360 dollars total price from TMobile by trading in my Pixel 2 XL for $390 off the XR when I but it (making the final price $360 out of my pocket) The low price is enticing because I am willing to make the switch, but my Pixel 2 XL works completely fine except for the fact my battery seems to be worsening. Do you guys have any opinions on whether or not i should get it? And if I should what color should I get?

  5. The iphone Xr is not a budget device and really not a cheap device at $750. The screen is hugely problematic for anyone that normally have high SoT on their phones so this counters the battery life as your eyes would probably feel fried because of how uncomfortable the screen is to look at relative to higher res display with high PPI. So yeah, this is targeting a specific audience, namely readers, gamers and video watchers. If you dont do those things for long periods then i can see res not being an issue.

    At the end of the day, the phone is also missing SD card, headphone jack, caps LTE and missing band 71. Those are all features i personally need/want and Apple doesn't negotiate with consumers. For productivity (docs/pdfs/browsing/data transfer/streaming/multi screening etc etc) Android is quite clearly superior because of its functionality and freedom from my experience. And it is hella generous to my wallet lol.

  6. The bezels on the Xr is the reason to buy it. Too many phones are pushing to get rid of the bezels that help to protect the screen from damage and to help to prevent your palm from hitting the screen when you reach to the other side with your thumb. Bezel-less is not a good design trend.

  7. I dont like Apple pricing, I dont like Apple attitude, I dont ike Apple marketing, and I dont like Apple users… I got a Pocophone and I dont really see why I would have to pay more.

  8. I have a pocophone F1 and it's amazing to Say they least great camera great battery fast chip and i have a Chunky armored case so i don't care they fact that is plástic and not metal like other phones and 400$ is the Cherry on top
    But if you have the extra 150$ buy the oneplus 6t
    I Was an Apple fan but not anymore
    Apple just stopped innovating years ago

  9. It's more about the company that the phone. Apple tells the customers when to upgrade, blocking repairs across the board and even suing those that repair legitimately with OEM parts, while I know you stated not to comment on companies, how can you not? One of the most important aspect of purchasing a $700+ phone is being able to use it as an investment, repair it when needed, and know the company will support their customers, not force them to spend another $700+ because Apple says so

  10. I actually love my new XR…and I'm a very devout Android user, or at least I was. I'm at a point in my life when I've gotten very tired of buying a new Android phone just about every freaking year just to get the latest and greatest OS upgrade. Yes some do EVENTUALLY upgrade to at least the next version….but that takes a real hit if your on a contract phone on a carrier(in the US that is). Almost no updates come your way that matter.

    I just joined the Apple camp a few weeks ago…and I'm pretty darn impressed. The smoothness, the amazing totally integrated ecosystem, the blazing fast cpu's…just about everything seems so well thought out and designed, not just the phones, but everything Apple makes. I started off with the 8 Plus and traded up to the XR because I liked the more modern design. The camera is simply amazing, the speed is the fastest there is out there as of now. The apps are great, IOS 12.1 is silky smooth and very useful with little or no fluff. There's simply nothing I hate about it. And the cherry on the cake? I WILL NOT have to worry about updates for at least 5 YEARS….that absolutely blows my mind. Yes the price of admission is a bit higher all around, but I think it's worth it. Great video Brett ???