iPhone XR vs Pixel 3 XL – Ultimate Camera Comparison

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Here is our comparison between the iPhone XR vs Pixel 3 XL, Let see which camera is best!

Battery life Comparison:

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  1. I took photos with these two side by side and pixel was clearly better than XR. Video is a different story. iPhone is much better in video and audio recording.

  2. The audio is very weak on the pixel but pixel wins on the camera all day. If you look at your neck with the iPhone, something is off compare to your face. Doesn't match.

  3. Both these cameras rely on AI processing and both are awesome. You won’t miss out choosing one vs the other. Apple does have to catch up to Google in the area of shooting pictures at night. Other comparisons I have seen have shown that. In fact, yours is the first comparison where Apple performed clearly better than Google in low light. That said, I think ‘Night Mode’ on the Pixel is a game changer but also a little over the top – almost like you’re shining a light on the object. Night pics should look like night and not like daytime. If Apple comes out with their version of night mode which is a bit more realistic than what Google is doing with ‘Night Mode’, they’ll have a winner.

  4. Yeah the pixel definitely has worse video quality but I thought the main reason people got the pixel for their photos because of the advanced processing which they do to them?

  5. I agree the mic now sounds horrible on the Pixel 3 XL but Google is aware of it and will be sending an update soon. But this reviewer obviously is an Apple lover, nothing wrong with that just that in got in the way of an honest review.

  6. Pixel 3/3xl

    has the best features of both ecosystems

    pure android and iOS
    no bloatware

    plus more ….
    Google exclusives

    first and frequent updates on androids .

    free unlimited cloud storage.
    (does your phone have that?)

    Google duplex
    call screen
    night sight
    flip to shhh
    etc etc

    Google's apps are being used by everyone on the planet ..
    even hardcore Apple users….
    but not vice versa….

  7. Good job, but I feel like the review is incomplete without portrait shots both front and rear, zoom in shots and talking about the extras: studio mode on the XR and Top Shot, Super Res Zoom and Night Shift on the Pixel 3.