iPhone XR vs XS vs XS Max- Battery life Comparison

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Here is our battery life comparison test between the current generation of iPhones including the XR,XS and XS Max.

Check out of XR Camera Comparison between the Pixel 3 XL:

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  1. Can you try calibrating the Hue on accesibility to see if it's possible to reduce the yellow screen on the white of the XR? I can't believe no youtuber is doing this

  2. I'm glad you wrote up the difference between 99% and 100% based on the battery drain tests I've seen on multiple channels, where iPhone battery %'s are skewed to drain (and charge) much slower at higher %'s to give the user the false perspective that their batteries are longer lasting

  3. Hi… Please do real life usage test,screen on time….we All know that Apple is good in benchmark testings,but real life is different. Btw. …Great video again….

  4. Oh yeah I’m getting the XR. I don’t care about screen and lack of 3D Touch and the two cameras on the back. Everything is great!