iPhone XS – 6 Months Later

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iPhone XS has been out for 6 months. I share how the XS has held up over that time. #iphone #iphonexs #apple

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  1. 6 months usage and the battery health is still 99? Wow! I got my 8plus and Ive been using it for a month and my battery health is down to 96%. Do I need to worry about it?

  2. I never turn my phone off, our use it for Facebook Twitter email Tax my battery life after six months is 97%. Are use a wireless charger but concerned about the heat because I keep my phone in a case and a shield protector.

  3. I love my XS. Question: are use a wireless charger but the case I like and have my xs in is not easy to take off but I’m concerned about the heat should I not use this case?

  4. My XS has 7 months of daily use, 100% battery capacity, never turned off, no issues and I use it daily.
    Best iPhone by far. My last one was a 6+ and had it for 4 years. I don’t get all the hate for iPhones besides the price it’s a great product.

  5. 1:44 it's not really sapphire glass because there is no such thing, there is sapphire and there is glass, apple uses combination of both, it's technically sapphire + glass.

  6. "It has a case and a glass screen protector"
    For Godsake people, "I'm getting tired of hearing about cases and mother ****ing screen protectors".

  7. I just upgraded to an XS Max from a 7S Plus. The upgraded camera and screen size and speakers is definitely a plus. However the yellow-blue shift from the oled panel is horrible on my device. Looking straight at it is a warm tone but the moment I even move it some mm it goes blue, even when typing and phone naturally moves in my hand the color shifting is so annoying. Thinking of exchanging it.

  8. my iphone 6s is on 100% battery health after 5 months of heavy, everyday usage. i rarely charge my phone overnight, and i don’t my battery drop below 20% unless i’m out.

    i was worried when i first got this phone back in december because people complained about the battery on the 6s. that’s why i’m being really careful to prevent those issues. the battery on 100% isn’t great or anything, it’s just okay.

  9. Really appreciate that you covered those long term issue! I got an XS Max and imo using screen protector and case is important because it increases the resell value.

  10. Can we move on from focusing so much on battery life with new phones because this video shows the end result. It’s praised and then it’s frowned on because of performance degrading – a normal thing. Hopefully people stop making a big deal about battery life.

  11. My XS Max still has kinda crappy WiFi signal. It always defaults to 2.4 instead of 5 ghz. It’s extremely annoying when my X didn’t have this issue. It’s better with the modem firmware updates but still far from what I would expect from a flagship device.

  12. Usually I go for the bigger phones BUT the XSMax is a killer phone I just didn't want to drop it , these phones ain't cheap also if dropped , anything in general was sky high Tobe fixed or replaced SO after the feel in hand with the XS I was like ok I can rock it .. Have a few colored cases with the clear back with a few 3m skins on the back people love the look and ask what it is and where I got them at plus I also bought the best screen protectors with awesome reviews from Amazon no complaints . Came from the iPhone 8+ no regrets at all … Now if I could make up my mind if I wanna get the Airpods V2 , have the first Gen so idk yet but awesome reviews as always … Also charged on a wireless every night and I get about 6-7 hrs med- heavy usage 👍

  13. My iPhone X( bought on release date ) is on 81 percent battery health probably gonna Upgrade to Xs max soon🔜 Can’t wait😓

  14. Even though I would love to have an OLED screen I’m going to settle with the Xr because it’s a bigger phone and the battery life last longer

  15. In my time with my iPhone X. The first iPhone X I had, the battery capacity had dropped to 93% after 9 months (wireless charged most nights). That X had a bootloop issue and became unusable by the end. My 2nd iPhone X hasn't been wireless charged and it stays on charge all day when I'm not at work, it goes on a charger all night and now it's using an iPhone XS battery case. It's still at 100% and I've had it since late September. My conclusion is that the extra heat caused by the wireless charging ruins the battery a lot quicker; it's convenient but not worth it.