iPhone XS drop test: How tough is the glass?

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We dropped the iPhone XS four times on the sidewalk to see how tough Apple’s “most durable glass” really is.

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  1. For once they weren’t t lying about the strongest glass. Also if it cracks you can’t feel it or cut yourself on it which is cool. Found that out because it fell of my mezzanine level in my house. Hit the bottom left corner. Cracked up from that too all sides. Looks really cool but it’s a little pricey to fix since it only cracked the back. Thank god I got Apple Care.

  2. I got a tight slap when i told my wife that I’m going to eject in 5 seconds from now . To make things worst…at a wrong direction…..hey but it happens all the time…..

  3. Wow people lets just get mean to a wonderful lady trying to entertain us for that she gets treated terrible I thought for a min I was Watching the judge being trashed 2 days ago wow I will give her 100 thumbs up great job.just ignore mean people you are verry beautiful talented and classy.

  4. Apple just uses fancy wording to make it seem like its durable.
    Where is the data and specs from this so called durable glass.
    Yeah all just words and they love to put "the first phone with ______"
    Yeah apple you're years behind every competition only your isheep keep buying the same crap over and over because they're sheep.


    People want to know if you drop it from head height flat on both sides screen and back not the corners we're of course the screen won't crack..

    What is wrong with people…

  6. Shill advertorial a look at the the S9, noticeably superior technology.
    Apple is behind – last year's tech at tomorrow's prices.
    The note 9 leaves iPhones back in the 20th century.
    I dropped my note edge hundreds of times before it stopped, slight chip.