iPhone XS Max 1.5 Years Later – Should You Still Buy It in 2020?

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iPhone XS Max in 2020 may still be a great option. In this video I help you decide if you should still buy an iPhone XS Max after a year and a half and compare it to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. #ios13 #ios14 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – iPhone 11 Pro Max comparison and displays
01:21 – Design
01:39 – Speed and Performance
02:57 – Reception
03:47 – Cameras
06:50 – Battery life
08:13 – Should you still buy XS Max?
09:31 – Conclusion
09:44 – Wallpaper
10:03 – Outro
10:23 – End
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  1. I just got an Iphone 10 Xs max from my cellphone carrier and Now I'm wondering if I should exchange it for an 11 instead because I use it allot and it's getting close to 2021. Also the battery is life is Longer. So confused?????

  2. I’m currently down / up grading from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the da max I’ve noticed the screen is better and the camera / pictures come out better 🥰

  3. The hard truth is they are ALL good! I have an iPhone X and it still rocks. My wife has an iPhone XS Max and that thing is a beast and rocks! I JUST bought the 11 Pro and guess what it ROCKS to ha ha. Damn I still have an iPhone 7 Plus in IOS 14 and guess what that damn thing is fast and still rocks also 🙂

  4. I bought this phone when it first came out in 2018 and 2 years later it is still perfect. I bought it because I knew it would be very future proof.

  5. I have the Xs max and iam upgrading this year it’s time my main reason is battery iam a big user of u tube and social media and it’s no way an all day phone anymore so that’s my main big reason but what a phone it’s been hasn’t ever done one thing wrong amazing

  6. From one XS Max owner to another: DUDE put that Screen Protector and the Case ON!
    The trendy Caseless fad is pathetic
    Plus a Refurbrished iPhone XS Max is still available

  7. Still xs is as you said fast and everything ok I think if I’ve upgrade it will be iPhone 12 but the 5.4 variant or if someday 11 pro has a strong drop in price otherwise in still happy fast cameras sound call everything ok but battery no so….

  8. My complaint. Is battery life…. phones on 85 percent but yet dies super fast after taking it off the charger. Not happy with that don’t wanna dish out money to have it changed at the apple store but might just do it until I save up money to buy a new phone.