iPhone XS Max camera review | comparison with OnePlus 6, Pixel 2 | #BeautyGate explained

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This is our complete in-depth review of the #iPhoneXSMax. We’ve also compared the phone with the #OnePlus6, #Pixel2, and #MiA2. There are answers to the whole #BeautyGate issue as well.

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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  1. I really like your videos but in this video it seems to be biased towards iPhone XS max……even though it struggled in most of the cases ….in Slow motion op6 is the clear winner but r hyping XSmax ….ur talking like a typical apple fan boy….pls don’t bias the reviews….

  2. i lil bit confused about your explanation and samples…you said rear camera video is better in iphone xs max is better because colors are neutral…but in front camera…your face look more orange and green looks too saturated compared to other two, yet you say it is better because it has good colors??? also first picture selfie, iphone has a slight greenish tint, didnt seem you mentioned it… lowlight it is personal preference, i like the pixel 2 than iphone i felt exposure was poor in iphone, cant see that backgroud at all !!!

  3. Well the video was amazing but why do you always put only one or two low light shots in comparison..?
    You should put atleast 4-5 shots for low light.
    And just a small request from our side that please always be fair and unbiased as you make very good videos?

  4. Oh boy what a biased opinion, how hard this guy is trying to prove something which is untrue.
    I acclaim your POV of noise reduction, but bro when you referred to UNBOX THERAPY, i guess you didnt watch his video, go and watch again his video @05:10 you would understand what he was talking about.
    And please maintain genuinity.

  5. Pixel 3 n 3xl will b coming soon..
    Just like pixel 2 still a great contender to the iphone xs max… So pixel 3 gonna b even compared a year later with the next gen iphones… Thats how great google's software works.

  6. 1.5 lakh ka ye mobile low light mai itna bakwas photo deta hai ki kya bataun…isse to achha photo low light mai15 hajar k phone mai ata hai……so again iphone xs max ,you got thums down

  7. どどどどどどどどどーーーーーーも!

  8. I have huge respect for u guys.. but I totally disagree with dis review of urs. There is just one reason for it.. Let me tell u dis.
    Wen u find something tats not good enough in a phone tat costs one or two KiDneYs u just have to BLUNTLY point tat out to the customers thats ur viewers.
    Instead u r just saying tat its k to have tat and they have improved on it.. I mean What the hell is wrong with u guys..
    U r making a video for the subscribers and not a Suggestion video for Apple.. Really dis looks like it.
    Hope Everyone Accepts my Point..
    TrueFollower.. By the way disliked the video..,

  9. This is the most pathetic and most biased video I've ever seen. Every fault which you point out about the iphone, is immediately followed by a comment like if you don't do pixel peeping then it's fine. I mean what's the use of making a review. Be noted but don't be so biased

  10. fr everyone calling this guy a paid reviewer just accept that apple has the better camera between the two. you will get your moment when the pixel 3 comes out in less than 24 hours so just stop bitching and moaning for atleast that time and applaud the guy for doing the video in the first place. he is allowed to have his own fucking opinion