iPhone XS Max: Is it Worth Buying Now?

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After almost two years since its release, is the iPhone XS Max a phone that you should consider in 2020? Let’s talk about that!

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  1. I believe the same from iPhone XS xs max the A12 is beast I have an xs regular and it flyers like it’s new after 8 months cameras ok video great build quality so see you 2022 and if….for an upgrade

  2. Hey mark, I'm in quite the pickle. Where I live i can get an iPhone 11 (6.1") for the same price as the XS Max, which should I get considering 11 is newer and aside from display has the better specs?
    Im a huge camera guy, but also a hugggeeeeeee youtube guy, so yeah 🙁

  3. if anyone who has knowledge sees this could you help me out. I have an iphone 6 & i’m thinking about upgrading but i’m stuck between the xs max & xr. i want a big phone with good camera quality but i also want it to have good battery life and display. i want the xs max because it’s big & has a good camera but i want the xr because i’ve heard that it had better battery life. i’m also a heavy user of my phone so i would love it could last me longer than my 6 does. helppppp

  4. Yo! I'm still confused of which one should I buy, Iphone XS Max 64GB or Iphone 11 64GB? Im currently using a Samsung S20+. I just want an Iphone for gaming (PUBGM) so which one is better?

  5. Had one of these about a year now and the one issue I've seen is the video stabilization. In handheld use it's not too bad, but I typically use my phone as my dashcam, and with the XS Max, the video is so shaky from the car vibrations you can barely even see what's going on. I've used Android phones that are several years older than the XS Max that have very smooth video also being used as a dashcam (even using the same vehicle/mount).

    Other than that though I don't really have any complaints. It's very fast and the standby time is crazy good considering the size of the battery compared to other phones with similar battery sizes.

  6. We can unlock using face ID even wearing facemask on settings—face ID—- set other appearance… rotate your head while having the face mask on half of your mouth and nose vertically… or better yet search youtube much easier

  7. I do t have 600 bucks (for me pounds) as I am not in a job and as I am not a full adult yet I can only hope that my 7 holds up until I get enough for the older phones

  8. How i miss the screen and the size.. and ofcourse the oled display.. i miss xs max.. using 11 since october 2019. Once u go oled u cant go back to lcd!! Once iphone 12 release i will upgrade to 11 pro. Xs max is the best phone i had before !!

  9. Excellent video. I agree with you, I purchased my refurbished XS Max one year ago and I'm very happy with it. Battery life is still solid for me. I plan to rock with this iPhone long-term.

  10. Heads up to refurbished buyers!
    Refurbished phones will be tested for components on the inside and/or replace them.
    This means that the water resistant seal will be broken resulting in the phone not being water resistant.
    So lookout!

  11. All OLEDs have a color shift when tilted, it’s the nature of the technology. It’s mitigated in the iPhone panels superbly relative to other panels such as the huge blue shift issue in Pixel phones a couple of years ago. You may have just received a bad panel. I have owned a couple of XS maxes and never noticed this issue even at extreme viewing angles.

  12. Going on two years with my XS Max and I still love it. Never gave me any problems and kind of don’t want to let go of the 3D touch feature by upgrading. Battery is still going strong and buying a fast charger is a must. I say go for it if you’re looking for a new phone, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

  13. My wife and I just bought an iPhone XS and XS Max. BestBuy had a deal where they ended up costing $550 and $650 respectively. That’s the same price as the used market! Couldn’t pass it up!

  14. Bought an xs max 256Gb two months ago for 750 usd (brand new in store) and i love it!! Will keep it for at least 2 years. But probably 3 years (seems to be my limit for phones since the battery and speakers seems to get significantly worse)

    Ill sell it for 200 usd approx and put those into my new 600-1000 dollar phone.

    Iphone is a bit boring tho but the plus is that it always works. And with ios 14 it will feel so much better and less boring.

  15. In my very suggestive opinion, the iphone xs and xs max are quiet possibly the DUMBEST phone apple has every made. Dumbest in the sense of the phone that was made previously, there is almost no difference. They look literally the same.