iphone xs max unboxing + setup! 📱

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🥞 HELLOOOOOOOOO guys!!!!! i FINALLY got the phone i wanted and i coudn’t be more happier!!! :3 i got the iphone xs max in the colour silver + it looks so good. my intentions are not to come across as ‘bragging’, etc..! i’m super grateful for the fact that i saved up for literally 5 months to get this phone! :’-) i’m super excited to share this video with you guys! xD pls share this video if you did enjoy it! it would mean the WORLD!! please give it a massive thumbs up, subscribe and make sure the 🔔 is on!!! i love you all so much + your endless support is always noted. stay you, stay true & stay productive.

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what’s your name? mahat!
1. how old are you? 19 yrs old!
2. what country do you live in? the united kingdom!
3. what supplies do you use to take notes? staples arc notebook, pentel energel bln105, mildliners + sometimes, but rarely – sticky notes from muji!
4. what are you studying? on a gap year currently but starting nursing next year, so i’m currently self studying anatomy, pharmacology + physiology to understand the basics!
5. what do you use to edit? fcpx for video editing on my macbook pro 13″, for thumbnails i use my ipad air 3 10.5″ + phonto on my iphone xs max!!

☆ a massive thank you if you’re reading this – i honestly love you so much + i’m glad you’re in my life.

FTC: This video is not sponsored, and all views and opinions are my own.


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  1. hi tomorrow is my birthday and my uncle just gave me money to buy myself a new phone but is not enough but i have my money to spend it im actually don’t know what to pick if is the xs max or the iphone 11. I u guys help me to choose

  2. my dad is thinking abt getting the iPhone 12 pro max and he would give me his old phone so I’m super exited and I hope he decides to get the new phone so I can upgrade from my iPhone X that the glass back is shattered!