iPHONE XS MAX vs. GALAXY NOTE 9: Speed, Camera and Battery life tests

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  1. You argue like a child, you are no better then the fanboys in the comments. There are upsides to both phones and calling people that dont prefer the iphone broke losers is extremely childish. Grow up.

  2. ??You Apple guys kill me. Apple buys screens from Android. Fuck ah speed test. All the new features Iphone get, other phone had it 5 years ago. Yall just so hype to get whats new from Apple

  3. I think this XS Max is looked down on. This phone has been great, and that's coming from an 8 Plus. The thing that gets me is how people just hate Apple because of its success. You can pretty much say the same thing about any company. This phone was $300 more than my last one, and I didn't think I ever wanted to spend this much, but I did and don't regret any of it. This has to be one of my favorite iPhones ever!

  4. If you watch the video of the battery test from Mrwhostheboss. It's a little unfair for the Note 9 because he even says in the video that he turned setting to WQHD+ to make it fair. When a totally it didn't do that at all, because that will drain battery life faster then the default setting with all the other phone are set to. So he needs to to redo the test and leave all phones to default setting. Then we will see a more accurate testing. Not a one sided.

  5. Honestly if Apple integrate split screen multitasking into iOS, I would consider leaving Samsung.i can get used to not having a S pen. I'm looking for an excuse. HTC let me down and the iPhone is next in line. Sure its boring compared to a Samsung phone. But aren't all phones boring? That's why I look at YouTube and social media on it. I'm typing this on a Note 8 and that's my story

  6. This is nothing new. There is no Android phone that can compete with Apple's optimized iPhones. They run more efficient by nature. That's the penalty of Android phones . The closest is the Pixel. It's the most optimized from Google. I saw Super Saphf comparison and both phones was on par with each other. The iPhone Xs Max had better color replication and dynamic range in regular lighting. These are Sony cameras, I think. It's all in software calibration. The optical image stabilization on the Note9 was better than iPhones. Noone was destroyed in his video.When testing in real life situations, I guess it's all subjective

  7. Well it makes sense because the Note 9 is a generation behind and is competition with the iPhone X and 8+. The real competition will be with the wierd folding Samsung phone