iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 // The iPhone Wins!?

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The iPhone XS Max vs the Galaxy Note 9 Review & Comparison. Both are big amazing smartphones but only one of them is the best. Watch for the full review and comparison as the two twins go at it to decide which one is the best phone!

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iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 // Are these the same Cameras? ? –

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  1. They always bash iPhones because of the notch and still its the only phone in the market without a gigantic chin on the bottom unlike other android phones that trying to copy the notch and still cant copy the beautiful chinless phone haha enjoy you’re super huge thanos ballsack chin!

  2. Hi, I'm decided to buy note 9 or iphone Xs Max, but i found that the XSM is slow on changing…so i consider the note9, but he said the note9 can't last for a day for the 4000mah battery? Anyone can clarify is this true?