iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max!!

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This is a review of the iPhone XS Max vs. the iPhone 11 Pro Max!!

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  1. I’ve had both of these phones. I upgraded to the 11 pro max and I went right back to the XS max. Why downgrade you may ask? Because I absolutely love the design of the XS max, the gold colour, glossy finish, and it’s just an amazing phone. These phones compared together are so so similar honestly, if you’re going to upgrade you really won’t realize much of a difference. My advice: wait until your XS max completely dies out before upgrading. Use the phone until it’s done, because it’s a great phone. And if you have a iPhone 7, or 8, and you want to save A LOT of money, go with the XS Max. It’s so much cheaper and you’re getting basically the exact same phone as the 11 pro Max , just a few flight differences but barely noticeable . You’ll save money and also love the phone you’re using. That’s the advice I would give 😇 if you have the money however and want the slightly better camera, and slightly faster phone then upgrade to the 11 Max. But the cheapest way is the XS Max and still you will love it

  2. I've been using android for a couple of years now but I was an iPhoen user before too.. Watching videos like these to decide which phone to get 😅

  3. i’m watching this on my 7 plus. i’m really thinking about getting an iPhone XS Max because of the 3d touch and just the way it looks. it seems like a pretty classic phone and it seems nice.

  4. I suggest iPhone 11 pro max better camera, bigger battery, new design, better everything and faster.
    I had a iPhone XR and upgraded to 11 pro max it’s just premium.

  5. I had the Xs Max but got the iPhone 11 because it came in the Product (red). However, I couldn't deal with the 6.1" size. T-Mobile doesn't let you downgrade so I had to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and glad I did. I loved my Xs Max and regretted getting rid of it, because of the size, but I could tell the difference between the Xs Mad and Pro Max right away and it had nothing to do with the camera.